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The popularity of small crossovers is constantly growing and carmakers are trying to meet the demands of all kinds of buyers. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we are getting reports about the new 2022 Jeep Baby SUV, which will be the company’s new entry-level model, even smaller than the Renegade. What’s more interesting is that this will be Jeep’s first model to benefit from the emerge with PSA Group. The new model will ride on Peugeot’s platform.

Not many things are known about the new SUV, but we can hear a lot of rumors and unofficial reports. Even though these arent’ particularly reliable, they are great for getting a picture of the new model and its overall design. Of course, we will also speculate about possible design solutions and general design characteristics, including the powertrain, which is expected to be electrified.

In any case, there’s a big chance to see this new model on sale already in the next year.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV

2022 Jeep Baby SUV Design

One of the first things we should mention about the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV design is its platform. This will be the first model from Jeep that will ride on a platform from PSA. More precisely, it will ride on a CMP architecture, which already undeprints models like Peugeot 2008. Jeeps model will be notably smaller, so it’s no wonder that many sources suggest that the siblings from other Stellantis brands will come as well. This particularly refers to Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Another interesting aspect is electrification. Although it is still early for details, it’s good to know that this platform supports various forms of electrification, which will be highly beneficial in the future. We count on both hybrid and all-electric variants in the offer.


A few rendering photos have appeared and from what we can see, there is a lot of resemblance with Wrangler. The 2022 Jeep Baby SUV features the same design approach on these photos, though in a significantly smaller package. This model will be even smaller than the Renegade, which clearly leads us to the wheelbase under 100 inches. Given the shape and size, there’s no doubt that Suzuki Jimny would be one of the key rivals. Still, keep in mind that this won’t be a genuine SUV like the Jimny. It will rather be a typical crossover, with the AWD system that will power one of the axles with an electric motor.

We already mentioned that the styling resembles the Wrangler a lot. Still, keep in mind that these are just rendering photos and that things could turn out completely different in the production version. In any case, we have no doubt that the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV will feature an eye-catching design, as one of the tools for attracting more buyers, just like the Renegade.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV Engines

When it comes to powertrain, the CMP architecture is a clear indicator that most powertrain options will come directly from the PSA Group. We are pretty sure that the focus will be on electrification and that pure gasoline and diesel options won’t be available. The offer will probably start with a hybrid version, which would ensure some kind of all-wheel drive, as it seems hard to imagine a Jeep with such a drivetrain. Most likely, a small gasoline engine will power the front wheels, while the electric motor would be reserved for the rear axle.

Eventually, the all-electric version would come as well. This model probably won’t be ready for the initial launch, but we shouldn’t wait for too much to see it either. In any case, it should provide competitive numbers in terms of performances and range.


The inside of this SUV is still a big mystery. Still, we may presume that Jeep would have to come with some funky design solutions in terms of the dashboard. Of course, we also count on a decent amount of tech features, which would make everything look up to date. This includes the lasts infotainment system as well.

When it comes to the passenger space, it’s obvious that such a small vehicle can’t provide too much. Still, the lack of legroom will be compensated by a decent amount of headroom, thanks to a boxy shape. For the same reason, the cargo area should offer some decent numbers too, especially with the second-row seats folded down.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV Release Date

At this point, the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV is just a rumor and the officials are still quiet. On the other side, we could trust unofficial reports, suggesting the arrival of this baby crossover already in the next year. If this model arrives, it is pretty much for sure that siblings from Alfa Romeo and Fiat will come as well. More details should be known in the near future.

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