2024 Ford Kuga Getting Mid-Cycle Refresh


The compact SUV market in Europe is now the most popular, and with increased competition, Ford’s SUV needs updates to remain relevant. That’s why are waiting for the 2024 Ford Kuga to receive a mid-cycle refresh. The US-market iteration, the Escape, was a little bit quicker and already came refreshed for the 2023 model year. So, the Kuga would use the same path and offer the same updates in the next year. The updates will include various changes, but there’s no doubt the main ones would be in terms of exterior styling. We will also see notable updates on the inside, especially in terms of new tech and convenience features.

However, we are not sure if the next year’s model could bring changes under the hood. Instead, the powertrain lineup should remain rather the same. All these changes indicate that the 2024 Ford Kuga will arrive a little bit earlier than usual, though still within the second half of the year.

2024 Ford Kuga

2024 Ford Kuga Design Updates

As a typical mid-cycle refresh, this update should be mostly about aesthetic changes. What we expect to see is the same thing the Blue Oval Company did to Escape. That means a completely new treatment, with a much bolder overall appearance. Of course, the focus is on the front end, with a squarer and bolder layout of headlights, grille and other parts. The rear would follow the same design approach. As for the overall body layout, we don’t expect significant differences, but things like new wheels, new color options etc. are always possible.

This would still be just a mid-cycle refresh and, therefore, things under the skin would remain unchanged. The 2024 Ford Kuga would come with the same mechancis, with the same chassis and suspension setup, which ensures a well-balanced ride with composed handling and a decent level of comfort.

Interior Updates

Once again, we can take a look at the 2023 Escape and see what are the changes coming for the 2024 Ford Kuga. This means that the overall dashboard design wouldn’t change. Moreover, things would mostly remain the same, while the key updates would be in terms of tech features. The company recently introduced a new, 12.3-inch infotainment screen, which is available in Escape’s higher trim levels. On the other hand, base models would use an 8-inch unit.

New color schemes and materials are other updates we would expect to see. On the other hand, the overall interior design shouldn’t bring any bigger change. This is a typical compact crossover, with an average amount of passenger of space. Both rows can accommodate adults pretty easily, while there is also a pretty decent 475-liter cargo area behind the second row.

Trim Levels and Features

Additions on the list of standard equipment are almost a certain thing of this update. Still, we don’t expect to see changes in terms of trim-level organization. The familiar variants should be offered, though each grade should come with some novelties.

Base models will once again be called Zetec, which will offer a lot, even though it’s a base model. It will come with a digital instrument cluster and the aforementioned 8-inch touchscreen. Also, count on other modern tech features, such as smartphone integration.

Of course, we will then also see the Titanium Edition, a model that brings various upgrades. Compared to the base trim, this model would bring LED lighting and more convenient features. On the other hand, the ST-Line is a well-known moniker that puts focus on visual upgrades but also brings upgraded suspension.

The range-topping position will remain reserved for Vignale, which will offer a long list of tech ad convenience features, exclusive styling details, leather upholstery and many more.

2024 Ford Kuga Engines

What we expect to see is current engines to carry on. So, the familiar 1.5-liter turbo petrol should carry on with familiar numbers, with 150 horsepower and 42 mpg combined. That is the only petrol unit on offer, while the rest of the offer is about the hybrid powertrain.

You can get a self-charging hybrid, based on a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine, with 191 horsepower and average fuel economy that goes over 50 miles per gallon. If you’re looking for something peppier, there is a similar plug-in hybrid setup with 210 horsepower. The key benefit of this powertrain is a respectable all-electric range of up to 37 miles.

2024 Ford Kuga Release Date and Price

Sometime in the second half of 2023 is the best we could say at the moment when it comes to the launch date. As for the price, we expect that the 2024 Ford Kuga will cost around £31.000 in its most basic variant. The competition in the segment is tough, with models like Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-Trail, VW Tiguan etc.

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