2024 Acura ADX: What We Know So Far


The 2024 Acura ADX is going to be the brand’s first all-electric vehicle. Those are reports that we are getting about the new nameplate, which has been in preparation for a while. Honda’s luxury line is also working on electrification and we presume that this model will have a lot of things in common with the upcoming Honda Prologue. It will also come in an SUV layout, with similar dimensions. However, we expect to see a more luxurious package than before.

Of course, the powertrain and the battery will be some of the most interesting aspects of the vehicle. Just like the Prologue, this SUV will also borrow technology from General Motors. This particularly refers to the battery setup, while things about electric motors are still unclear. In any case, we expect that the new ADX will offer a competitive range, charging speed and overall performance.

The latest reports suggest it will hit the market sometime in the second half of the next year.

2024 Acura ADX Design

Let’s talk about the overall design first. This will be the brand’s first all-electric vehicle and from what we know so far, Honda has developed a completely new platform, which will underpin the Prologue too. As we’ve just mentioned, this will probably be a compact crossover and it will be one of the rare models in Honda’s history to borrow some solutions from other manufacturers. So far, Honda has usually been doing things on its own.

This time, the battery will come from another manufacturer. The Japanese manufacturer is still working on its battery technology and the latest reports suggest it won’t be ready before 2026. Meanwhile, the company will use batteries from General Motors, based on the latest Ultium technology.

2024 Acura ADX Powertrain, Battery and Performance

The 2024 Acura ADX will be an all-electric crossover and as we’ve just mentioned, it will use batteries from GM. The new Ultium technology allows battery packages in a wide capacity range, going from 50 to 200 kWh. In this case, we expect that the battery will feature around 100 kWh, which should ensure pretty respectable numbers regarding the max range. We presume that the new 2024 Acura ADX will be able to make around 300 miles on a single charge with such a battery. Of course, we also count on an advanced fast-charging option.

When it comes to electric motors, details are still unavailable. Still, we presume that base models will come with a single electric motor setup, with an RWD layout. That version would probably feature around 300 horsepower. A dual-motor version is also expected and we believe that this model would feature a max output of around 400 horsepower. Still, this is still pure speculation, so make sure to take these numbers with a big reserve.

Exterior and Interior Design

In terms of the exterior design, the first thing that comes to mind is size. From what we know so far, this will be a compact crossover, so we presume that the dimensions will be similar to the RDX. When it comes to styling, we presume that the company will implement some of the bits from the current design language, but also offer a decent portion of exclusive styling details, which will accentuate the model’s all-electric nature. All in all, we count on a lot of sharp lines and aggressive styling, while some sources also speculate about the sloping roof design, which would provide a coupe SUV look.

On the other hand, the interior details are still unknown. Of course, we expect to see a lot of luxury, considering that we are talking about a premium brand. We presume that the dashboard won’t look too similar to the gasoline-powered RDX and that will come with more digital controls. We tip on a simplistic and futuristic design, with a couple of large screens and focus on great ergonomics. Since we are talking about a compact crossover, we count on two rows of spacious and comfortable seats.

2024 Acura ADX Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2024 Acura ADX will arrive sometime in the second half of the year. When it comes to the price, some rough estimations suggest that the base version would go around 45.000 dollars.

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