The SUV segment dominates the market and that’s not a surprise anymore. This includes the premium segment as well, especially mid-size and full-size classes, where these models have already replaced old-school saloons. Moreover, SUVs are already in the world of supercars, as there is a whole bunch of models that can easily hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Manufacturers like Lamborghini and Porsche have been in this segment for a while, while Ferrari is coming this year with the Purosangue.

The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue won’t be the only new thing for the next year. Several models, including BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne, are getting a mid-cycle refresh, while the Cadillac Escalade is about to come in a new high-performance version with 668 horsepower. The rest of the models on this list are still pretty fresh and very competitive, and they’ve definitely earned their places.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue

After years of waiting, Ferrari’s first SUV is finally coming. Purists may feel disappointed but SUVs make money these days, which is something this Italian carmaker desperately needs. The new model is coming as the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue and we expect to see it on the market this year.

The test mule still wears a camouflage, so it’s hard to talk about styling details. There isn’t much information regarding the powertrain either, though there are two possibilities for the new SUV. The first and the more probably is the plug-in hybrid setup, the same one that powers the SF90. It is a V8-based setup, with a max output of 819 horsepower.


Still, we won’t be shocked if we see Ferrari engineers installing a V12 in this SUV. Of course, we are talking about the well-known 6.5-liter unit with a max output of 789 horsepower. In any case, we estimate that the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue will feature a starting price of around 300.000 dollars.

2023 Mercedes Benz GLS

The current generation of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship SUV has been around since 2019 and it looks like the German manufacturer is about to bring some updates for the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLS. According to the latest rumors, we are about to see a mid-cycle update.

This should be a typical facelift, with a focus on aesthetics. We presume the next year’s model will bring novelties at the front, along with a few modifications in other areas as well. On the other hand, we don’t expect to see many changes on the inside, as the current model already looks very impressive in this aspect.

When it comes to powertrain, we don’t expect bigger surprises. Base models will continue with a 3.0-liter inline-six that puts out 362 horsepower, while the rest of the lineup will feature a 4.0-liter V8, which comes in different outputs, with either 483, 550 or 603 horsepower. All engines come with a mild-hybrid 48-V setup.

2023 Bentley Bentayga

The British super-luxury SUV probably won’t feature bigger changes. The current generation may be around for a while but keep in mind that it was updated two years ago. So, we presume we will have to wait for some more time to see a complete redesign.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the 2023 Bentley Bentayga won’t continue to impress. Characterized by the top-tier interior quality and super-smooth ride, this is one of the most exclusive SUVs on the market. So, it’s no wonder that the base version costs nearly 190.000 dollars.

The hybrid version was discontinued from the U.S. market, so there are just two powertrain options on the offer. The first one is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which puts out 542 horsepower. The optional W12 engine seems way more exclusive. It features 6.0 liters in displacement, while the max output goes all-away up to 626 horsepower.

2023 Lamborghini Urus

The Urus may share the platform with Bentayga but it is a completely different type of an SUV. It puts focus on performance and as a result, its V8 engine puts out much more power, around 641 horsepower. That’s enough for a 0-60 sprint in less than 3.5 seconds.

The next year’s model is about to receive a facelift. We expect to see a typical mid-cycle update, with styling changes mostly. The test mule still wears a camouflage, so we cant talk about details. Still, we are pretty sure that the styling changes will be quite subtle.

Besides the new styling, the 2023 Lamborghini Urus will also get a new powertrain option. It looks like we are about to see a hybrid version of this SUV. It will probably use the same system as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, which features a system based on a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, with the combined output of 670 horsepower.

2023 Genesis GV80

The 2023 Genesis GV80 will represent the third production year of the model that made a rear earthquake in the segment of mid-size luxury SUVs. The reason for such a furious start lays in the fact that it offers more than rivals but remains way more affordable.

The next year shouldn’t bring any particular change. So, you may count on an SUV that’s mostly about comfort. It features one of the nicest cabins in the class, full of plush materials and attractive aesthetics. Furthermore, the amount of tech features is pretty impressive too, so it’s no wonder why the GV80 gets so much praise from critics.

The mechanical aspect of the vehicle is pretty impressive as well. The suspension setup is great and it provides a butter-smooth ride. Under the hood, the offer starts with a 2.5-liter turbo-four which puts out 300 horsepower, while higher trim levels come with a 3.5-liter turbo V6 that features a max output of 375 horsepower.

The current model features a starting price of 51.000 dollars and we don’t expect a bigger increase for the next year.

2023 BMW X5

The X5 is one of the pioneers of the luxury SUV segment and even today, it leads the market both in terms of innovations and sales numbers. However, the competition is fiercer than ever, while the last time we saw updates on this model was back in 2018. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the 2023 BMW X5 is about to receive a mid-cycle refresh.

This will be a typical facelift, with a focus on aesthetics. We expect subtle styling changes, while interior updates sound possible as well. Naturally, the new model should bring more features, while the mechanical aspect of the vehicle will probably remain the same.

Things under the hood probably won’t change. So, the offer should start with a 3.0-liter inline-six that puts out 335 horsepower. We presume that the hybrid version will carry on as well. That model features a combined output of 389 horsepower. Finally, there is the 4.4-liter V8, which comes with 523 horsepower in the M50i model, and with over 600 horsepower in the range-topping X5 M version.

2023 Lexus LX

The LX came completely redesigned this year and everyone agrees – it was about time. After 14 years, the full-size luxury SUV has finally come with a new design, which is based on the all-new Land Cruiser 300 which, unfortunately, won’t be sold in North America.

Therefore, the 2023 Lexus LX will represent the second production year of the new generation. Considering all the novelties we’ve seen, as well as all the qualities, it’s easy to conclude that most of the things are about to remain the same. Still, we expect to see a new powertrain option on the offer.

Of course, we are talking about a hybrid version, the same one that powers the new tundra. Currently, this luxury SUV is available only with a new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, which features a max output of 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The engine comes in pair with a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Maserati Levante Trofeo

While most premium models of this class play on the comfort car, Maserati does what it does best. It may not be as refined as Germans but its performance is at a much higher level. Of course, the highest level of excitement comes with the range-topping model, which is called Levante Trofeo.

The 2023 Maserati Levante Trofeo will continue without bigger changes, which means that you may count on familiar upgrades over standard models. Many of them are aesthetics. You get exclusive 22-inch wheels, a black appearance package, red side air vents and blacked exhaust pipes.

Still, the biggest upgrade is under the hood. This is the most powerful Levante you can get, which relies on Ferrari’s well-known F154 engine. We are talking about a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, which puts out around 580 horsepower and moves this SUV from zero to sixty in just 3.8 seconds.

The Levante Trofeo isn’t cheap. It’s currently available at around 155.000 dollars and we don’t expect a bigger increase in the future.

2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid

Porsche’s mid-size SUV is about to receive a facelift for the next year. The changes will come to all versions of the vehicle, including the 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. This is the most powerful Cayenne you can get and we have no doubt that the updates will make it even more desirable.

The facelift should bring all kinds of updates. Of course, styling is the first thing that comes to mind. We are about to see subtle changes on both ends of the vehicle, along with typical updates like new colors, wheels etc. On the insider, we are about to see a new infotainment screen, a new gear shifter and similar things.

Under the hood, the overall setup should remain largely the same. The system combines a 4.0-liter V8 engine with a single electric motor, which puts out around 670 horsepower. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more horses after the update. The system includes a 17.9-kWh battery pack, which provides 14 miles of the all-electric range.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V

The big news is coming from Cadillac. Although completely redesigned last year, the full-size Escalade is about to bring an important novelty for the next year. We are about to see a high-performance version of the SUV, which will come as the 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V. Compared to the standard version, it will come with several upgrades but there’s no doubt that this version will be mostly about the new engine.

That new engine will be the well-known LT4. This is a supercharged version of the 6.2-liter V8, which can be found under the hoods of Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, Chevy Corvette, Camaro etc. In this case, we presume that the specs will be the same as in the CT5-V, which means a max output of 668 horsepower and 659 pound-feet of torque.

Other upgrades include new suspension and brakes, but also new styling details that will accentuate the model’s performance character. The 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V will hit the market in the second half of the year, with a starting price of around 125.000 dollars.

2023 Mercedes Benz AMG G 63

The current generation of the legendary off-roader may look just like the original model from 1979 but it’s actually a vehicle that was introduced in 2018. Although that’s very fresh by G-Wagen standards, it still comes with a couple of outdated features. Fortunately, this will change with the 2023 Mercedes Benz AMG G 63, which is about to receive a facelift.

The most important update will be the new version of the MBUX infotainment system, as the current model still uses an old one. Other than that, we expect to see some subtle revisions regarding styling, on both ends of the vehicle.

Finally, expect to see novelties under the hood. The current 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which puts 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque, will now come as a hybrid. It will get help from an electric motor that puts out around 22 horses and 184 pound-feet of torque.

2023 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The Rolls-Royce SUV has been around for a while and if we can trust the latest reports, it won’t feature any bigger changes for the next year. Instead, the 2023 Rolls-Royce Cullinan will continue with a familiar design, as well as with familiar features, which make it the most prestigious SUV on the market today.

There are so many reasons why the Cullinan justifies its super-high price tag. First of all, it comes with a capable 6.7-liter V12, which puts out 563 horsepower. That’s enough to move this 3-tone fortress from zero to sixty in just 4.5 seconds.

As you would expect, the ride is butter smooth, while the interior design and quality are out of this world, with high-end materials and remarkable craftsmanship. Another thing we really like is the sound insulation, which is pretty much on par with a deaf room

2023 Volvo XC90

The Swedish mid-size crossover may be one of the oldest models in the class, but it still has a lot to show. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Volvo isn’t rushing with the redesign. According to the latest reports, the full overhaul will happen in the next year, for the 2024 model. So, the 2023 Volvo XC90 should be the final production year of the current generation.

This means it shouldn’t bring more important changes. We count on a familiar layout, as well as on familiar features. This SUV stands out in many ways, starting from a nice-looking and well-built cabin, spacious cargo area and a long list of safety and tech features.

The engine lineup includes three powertrain options, starting with the 2.0-liter turbo-four with 250 horsepower. The same engine is available in a variant with the additional supercharger, which increases the max output to 316 horsepower. Finally, the is a plug-in hybrid version, with a max power of 400 horses.

2023 Lexus RX

The new generation of North America’s best-selling luxury SUV will come by the end of this year. Without any doubt, this redesign will bring a lot of novelties, starting from the implementation of the TNGA platform. Count on new styling, interior design, improved comfort etc. Still, the biggest news is a completely new powertrain lineup.

First of all, the current RX 350 will replace the old 3.5-liter V6 with a 2.4-liter turbo-four, which features slightly lower output (275 hp) but significantly more torque (317 pound-feet). The rest of the offer will include three hybrid setups. The first one will be a well-known system that already powers models like the Highlander and RAV4, based on a 2.5-liter inline-four.

The next one in the hybrid lineup will be the RX450h+, which will use the same combination of the engine and electric motors, but which will come with the plug-in hybrid setup. Finally, there is a completely new hybrid system to come, which is based on the turbo-four engine. Allegedly, this model will be called the RX500h.

We expect to see the next-generation 2023 Lexus RX sometime in the second half of the year.

2023 Range Rover SVAutobiography

The new generation of the legendary off-roader has just arrived. The new generation brings improvements in every aspect but we are still waiting for the range-topping Range Rover, the SV Autobiography. The British manufacturer has just released a few more details about this version, which is about to arrive in the second half of this year.

Of course, one of the key upgrades will be the engine. This model will use the BMW-sourced 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, with a max output of 523 horsepower. Naturally, the engine comes in pair with an 8-speed ZF transmission. Furthermore, the company prepares a whole bunch of exclusive styling details, starting from a different grille design, 7 wheel designs and 14 additional color options.

On the inside, this version will be offered with Serenity or Intrepid themes, as well as with upgraded leather upholstery, ceramic knobs and a wide range of wood trim. Although the price is still unknown, we believe that this version could get pretty close to $200.000.