Nissan Kicks

Nissan has its division in Brazil. Last year this department presented a whole new vehicle, in a concept form. It is an idea of compact crossover, which will be the main model for the Latin America market, mostly in Brazil. This concept car was named Nissan Kicks and it was presented at the Sao Paolo Motor Show, the major car show in South America. New model was very well accepted both by the crowd and journalists. Nowadays, Nissan works on production model, which is expected to come soon. According to the latest reports, it will come next year, ready for the Rio Olympic Games.

Nissan Kicks concept

Nissan Kicks front view

The Japanese manufacturer presented a crossover that is designed to meet the demands of the South American drivers, mostly Brazilians. When it is about base characteristics of the vehicle, it is a compact crossover. When it is about its size, it stands between Juke and Rogue. The model that was presented at the Sao Paolo Auto Show was named Nissan Kicks and it features very dynamic look. It is clear that many of the design solutions were borrowed from Extreme Concept that was shown in 2012.

This new model also features very radical styling, a little bit futuristic look, full of dynamic lines and sharp edges. However, it looks a little bit more mature than Extreme. Although it comes with the similar styling, its overall appearance gives more mature feel. It looks like it isn’t just a funny car to drive, designed mainly for younger populations. Nissan Kicks is a serious car that features excellent characteristics in all aspects and it will meet the demands of many drivers of all ages and different needs.

Nissan Kicks rear viewNissan Kicks serial production

After positive critics about concept car, company quickly started to work on production model. According to the latest reports, Nissan Kicks will come in 2016. Some of the journalists claim that new model will come during, or just before Olympic Games, which will be an excellent timing for the release of new model. It is still unknown, how much will production model be different compared to the concept. Will it come with some visual modifications, changes in dimension or similar things, we don’t know. When it is about engines, Nissan Kicks will probably come with 1.8 petrol unit, which will be also available in variant that is ethanol-compatible. The price of the Nissan Kicks is expected to be around 21.000 dollars for the base model.

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