2019 Toyota Sequoia

There are many rumors whispering about the discontinuation of full-size crossover Sequoia. While some people talking about replacement, Toyota makes its moves to undeceive them. And how it is the best to do it but to launch a new vehicle. Not only that 2017 season model is actual, but the company plans new. It will be 2019 Toyota Sequoia. The new SUV will get a redesign and possible updates under the hood. With it, the crossover will calm its fans, while luring an interest from all car lovers. After nearly two decades of production, this brand found hearts of many drivers. So, discontinuation is an unlikely option for Toyota.

2019 Toyota Sequoia

2019 Toyota Sequoia redesign

It is hard to add some features and refresh this crossover. The last version offers a lot of things, and we can’t wait what will company introduce with 2019 Toyota Sequoia. There are already Blu-ray disc player and supreme audio system. Navigation is standard. Look of the Sequoia is also bold and attractive. Probably some tuning outside will be done. For example, rear end could get bumpers and lights. Also, the full-size crossover could switch platforms, making its wheelbase longer. If that happens, advantages are numerous, and first of all, there will be plenty of space for all 7 passengers SUV can take.

2019 Toyota Sequoia interior

2019 Toyota Sequoia drivetrain

While most of the people talking about discontinuation, we could see new drivetrains of 2019 Toyota Sequoia. But, the company could carry over current lineup. But, to make it interesting, a boost in output is at must. So, existing 5.7-l V-8 unit will be able to deliver 400 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. The alternative is a diesel powertrain. Toyota has excellent cooperation with Cummins, so their engine is the most likely option. It is a 5.0-l diesel with the capability to burst 320 horses and 570 lb-ft of torque. This will make it excellent performer on and off the road. The Sequoia will see no obstacles with such amount of twisting power.

2019 Toyota Sequoia engine

2019 Toyota Sequoia release details

Everything about 2019 Toyota Sequoia is still unofficial. The company will probably come out with some details by the end of 2017. Next year we can see the premiere of the crossover, and in 2019 salons will offer first models of Sequoia, with brand new RAV4 crossover.

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