2019 Toyota Prado

Mid-size crossover segment from Toyota family is getting refreshment. With new Prado for 2018 already on the way, we will get some innovative features and equipment. Nevertheless, edition after that one will be a breathtaking, according to early information. The 2019 Toyota Prado will introduce new systems and details. It is possible that this version will be the first in a fifth generation. Same could happen with Land Cruiser, the name brand Prado belongs to. The crossover heads into worldwide salons in 2019, with some modifications for US market. Expectations are big, as well as development funds. Since Japanese manufacturer is well-known of its reliability, it is hard to believe they will fail to deliver.

2019 Toyota Prado

2019 Toyota Prado engine

So far, Prado was a 4-wheel drive version of Land Cruiser. It will remain so, and questions are only about drivetrain displacement and gearbox options. Some experts say that engineers are still weighing and testing multiple options. At this moment, main favorites for petrol drivetrain are 4.0-l V-8 and 3.0-l V-6. While bigger one could be too large for this segment, we believe another one is more likely to take a position under the hood. There will be also 2019 Toyota Prado in the turbo-diesel variant. Paired with a 6-speed gearbox, a 2.8-l unit can deliver 185 hp and over 250 pound-feet of torque.

2019 Toyota Prado engine

2019 Toyota Prado appearance

Not only that engineers must pick up decisions, but also designers. The 2019 Toyota Prado will introduce various innovations to its segment and the car industry in whole. Nevertheless, it has to be stylish and appealing. Because of that, we will see LED lighting and bigger bumpers on the back. The nose will get a different, sharper shape and edges. The highlight will be on the grille, while headlights are also making this vehicle very aggressive. A 17-inch alloy-wheels are sized the same as on the predecessors.

2019 Toyota Prado rear

2019 Toyota Prado release date

The 2018 season model is coming later this year. It will take some time for buyers to get used to that crossover before Japanese carmaker launches another. The 2019 Toyota Prado will probably come in the same period but a year after its predecessor. According to sources, development is in final phrases, and chances for delay are minimal.

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