2019 Subaru Tribeca

The 2019 Subaru Tribeca will be a 7-seat mid-size crossover. This SUV is coming on the new Viziv-7 platform. While fans were sure that company dropped the third row from its vehicle, Tribeca is coming again with similar styling. However, since we know that Viziv concept is used, there won’t be many more surprises. In 2016 this platform had a premiere at Los Angeles car show, and ever since fans are waiting to see it in production. They don’t have to do it for much longer since the time is near.

2019 Subaru Tribeca

2019 Subaru Tribeca release date

From concept to a production model in just two years – that is the life of a new concept. The 2019 Subaru Tribeca will come in not more than a year. Experts predict its debut at the biggest car show in the world, in Detroit. While its premiere will be in 2018, this is going to be 2019 year model. That season will bring many other mid-size crossovers, such as Jeep Grand Cherokee and VW Touareg. Base price for the SUV will start at $30,000. We still don’t know which trim levels will be available. Nevertheless, Tribeca will offer a version for all tastes.

2019 Subaru Tribeca side

2019 Subaru Tribeca engine

Drivetrain for the 2019 Subaru Tribeca is still a mystery. The loudest rumors are informing about a 3.6-l unit, which produces energy for Outback. We are sure that petrol unit will be standard. On the other hand, diesel and hybrid are still questionable. Especially after VW scandal, diesel units are not so popular. Contrary, hybrids are attractive nowadays, but expensive to develop. A V-6 will be enough for start, and Subaru can always add alternatives. Transmission is 6-speed auto, and SUV uses AWD as the alternative to standard FWD.

2019 Subaru Tribeca rear

2019 Subaru Tribeca redesign

The Viziv concept is 205 inches long and 80 inches wide, which should be dimensions of 2019 Subaru Tribeca. Although it is mid-size SUV, the vehicle seems to be large. However, there are possible modifications, and some experts believe that crossover will cut the wheelbase range. This will be the second generation of the vehicle, which should bring many novelties. Update on the dashboard and control panel will introduce new systems. Safety parts are now on a higher level, making this SUV an excellent family car.

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