2019 Mercedes GLE

The new generation of SUVs is going to be a blast on a market. Mercedes Benz company has launched some new models with even more extensions. There are more improvement and luxurious decorations for 2019 Mercedes GLE lovers. Interior of these vehicles were to die for now are more infiltrated with leather details and gentle colors. Also, the one of the main ideas is to be included in heavy machinery, also with camouflage that covers it on spy shots. Although that is just an idea, but the prototypes have shown very dazzling results.

2019 Mercedes GLE

2019 Mercedes GLE styling

Most of the body of 2019 Mercedes GLE is covered by unique color mixture. Beneath the surface area we can find protecting layer of paint which provide a better protection. The hood is very authentic with notable changes. One of the most obvious is SUVs nose, which is few inches taller. Furthermore, grille is coming with minor redesign.  Air vents are larger and the tires look more wider than the originals. From the inside we can find some very high class equipment with led screen with rich dashboard. This one of the best proves that comfort and class are in the top of the priorities in a Benz company.

2019 Mercedes GLE engine

With the new generation of crossovers we can expect a larger palette of improvements.  Main point are new, revisited powertrains, so the accomplishment will be more reliable – more energy, less fuel. Nevertheless, they are offering 3.5-l V6 as a base unit, with 300hp from current model, is heading to 330hp. Also with 3.0-l turbocharged V6 it will go to the 350 horses. We can expect hybrid and diesel vehicles with less power. Although there is not room for both, more likely is that 2019 Mercedes GLE comes as hybrid.

2019 Mercedes GLE spy

2019 Mercedes GLE price

We won’t say the high price, we will call it an investment for a better future. But, in 2019 we can expect first price above $50,000 mark, and for hybrid sale starts over $65, 000. New crossover is here in 2019 and it sends straight marks to its opponents. We will see responds from Audi and BMW.

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