2019 Mercedes GLB

Many news is coming from Mercedes brand and is always positive and surprising. With new breakthrough on the market, we can tell something about the new present. It is one SUV 2019 Mercedes GLB, which will have unique appearance and powertrain options. With many adjustments, considering new performance as well, design and overall concept will have different story compared to its predecessor and even current model. Some sources say its new class order and a new generation of Mercedes crossovers. This model will mark the 40th anniversary of G-class, and is going to be a unique gift to all loyal customers and is time to tell something more about this SUV.

2019 Mercedes GLB

2019 Mercedes GLB price

Since final launching date is not familiar and even data about the price we will wait some while with that kind of information. Having much affordable but yet quality addition, this new 2019 Mercedes GLB will have an interesting price. Production is not over and there are certain things which are available, like online teasers and presentation. Mercedes will give an announcement about launching by the end of 2018is when we have a little more specific data about the price. It is certain that base price will be closely estimated at $45000 but nothing is claimed yet.

2019 Mercedes GLB rear

2019 Mercedes GLB redesign

With many guesses ahead, we had a chance to get spy shots for new 2019 Mercedes GLB on road. Based on this data, we can say that design is more interesting. Combining several design technologies like G-Code concept. Much thinner than the predecessor, it is combined shell from aluminum and steel to keep its stamina. With LED tech there will be no mistake in this design. Interior is spacious with genuine leather inside a carbon and wood details in it. Customers will be able to choose between different styling packages. That includes increased ride height, extra cladding, or a rugged-looking off-road appearance.

2019 Mercedes GLB dashboard

2019 Mercedes GLB engine

There are also several theories about the engine for new 2019 Mercedes GLB which will have different offer. Also, the client will be able to peek engine to its affordability. We can expect several solutions. First options are going to be 1.6-liter with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with gaining 224 hp. For GLB 43 AMG version, there is the combo for 300 hp. Furthermore, for the stronger unit, there is a 450 hp for GLB 63. With new specs ahead we can claim that performance is going to be stronger and more effective on the highway.

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