2019 Mercedes G class

With many cosmetic and inner changes 2019 Mercedes G class will keep its authentic look. Appearance is more than attractive and very luxurious, although its simple, boxy outside styling. Many defined details are arriving, such as engine. High-end AMG model will very likely appear with powerful V12 engine. But this is just an idea of what we currently have unconfirmed. Extras and details are more than a must have for truly Mercedes lovers.

2019 Mercedes G class

2019 Mercedes G class redesign

The new arrivals are a lot more interesting than previous and it all just getting better with many features. It seems that the appearance remains boxy and casual. Front of the vehicle is larger than before. However, narrow grille gives more aggressive look. On the other end, there is a lot of space inside. With Swing-away doors and LED lights on the back, German company shows what luxury means. Futuristic and still authentic appearance gives us a break through the ordinary world.  G class is one of the most widest and comfortable lines of Benz company. We can also say that Benz is a synonym for prestige. Sparing a space and materials is not an option. That is why quality materials are included in interior with the latest equipment. Spacious interior is offered for all passengers.

2019 Mercedes G class side view

2019 Mercedes G class engine

The engine for 2019 Mercedes G class will be 4.0-l bi-turbo V8 unit. According to rumors, this engine can deliver around 420 horsepower and fascinating 450 lb-ft of torque. Also, powertrain is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission box. There is no manual gearbox coming with new G class. Four-wheel system would be upgraded for next generations. Many other driving improvements will be tested during the test drive.

2019 Mercedes G class rear view

2019 Mercedes G class price

It is still early to know the price of the 2019 Mercedes G class. Also, we can’t predict it comparing new to current class. Well, we can mention that experts say G class is not going to be cheap. However, this crossover won’t be even fuel-friendly machine, but luxurious segment is not expected to be.

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