2019 Lincoln MKX

There were several attempts to make new generation ore available than the predecessor, but with no luck. Since there are several tries to make a total redesign, it seems that even good sell is not enough to make new specs more attractive. We can’t tell true problem, but new estimations for new 2019 Lincoln MKX is quite positive.  Although final launching is taking place in 2019, we can tell some silent data since there is no official information from the company. The new vehicle is spotted at test drive and is sure that new model will have redesigned engine and boost motor.

2019 Lincoln MKX side

2019 Lincoln MKX exterior and interior

There is going to be many novelties in 2019 Lincoln MKX design. Although it will use the same platform as its sibling Edge, this SUV will have higher specs than the predecessor. Adaptive dampers and the good air-ride system are specs which will take serious spec. The air-shocks will allow the car to control driving on the open road and its conditions. This SUV will have different dimensions and the shell itself is more than compact so we can be sure that specious one is the best choice. Many interior specs are present and it has to be more equipped than the predecessor. The improved infotainment system is here to make new generation for the latest works. The dashboard will receive great LED screen with latest Google+ programs as navigation, mp3 sound system and other.

2019 Lincoln MKX spy shot

2019 Lincoln MKX engine

New 2019 Lincoln MKX will have more capable engine than the current one. It is sure that motor will be of stronger materials which are also environmental friendly. So, current 3.7-liter Duratec V-6 model of engine is older and unnecessary, which gives an opportunity for new technologies to take place. Also, there is a prediction that can receive smaller 2.3-liter Ecoboost unit offering 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. Although nothing is still confirmed, both possibilities are options. There is no way to guess final choice before official launching.

2019 Lincoln MKX engine

2019 Lincoln MKX price

New 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to arrive in 2019, probably with its sibling Aviator, although there is no data about the close date. However, the estimated price for this model is $37,500 for base models. Select line is going to be from $41500. As trims are higher, prices go up. Of course, the most higher variant is over $55,000 for an updated model.

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