2019 Ford Edge

New design and new power options are just what a more by needs. With new equipment involved and affordable prices, new 2019 Ford Edge is an SUV which is for wishing for. The redesigned concept with improved power options is the key to the successful bargain. This remarkable car maker with a long tradition and loyal customers will show that quality and modern age are coming together in every mode. A classic featuring new age are gaining many things in common, and that is giving a new era of next generations. Some interesting facts are available and we will share many of them, so the adventure can begin.

2019 Ford Edge

2019 Ford Edge exterior and interior

The exterior is going to be completely new for new 2019 Ford Edge, especially front part. Front bumper is larger with some chrome details on it. The tail is going to be upper comparing to its predecessor, and it will take a serious high place for headlights. New technologies are involved in overall shell concept since the SUV is lighter than usual combining new materials with steel and aluminum. Losing weight will improve on overall performance and easier driving. Inner space is finely equipped with leather materials and new Se version technology. The dashboard will be rich and comes with great music system, Wi-Fi, wireless and Bluetooth.

2019 Ford Edge

2019 Ford Edge performance

Having significant overall changes, as we said in upper rows, losing weight is having great impact. Lighter driving will be in nice combination with several engine options for overall performance. New 2019 Ford Edge will have nice powertrain performance gaining 4-tube engine 2.0liter with the final product of 245 horsepower with 366 pound-feet of torque. Second choice will be V6 engine with 3.5 liter with stronger results of 285 horsepower and 508 nm of torque. All of these trims will have six-paired motor transmission, which is useful on every sort of terrain.

2019 Ford Edge rear

2019 Ford Edge release details

With no exact knowledge about releasing date, we can guess 2018 is the year to begin with first teasers for launching. Price for new 2019 Ford Edge is going to be near $28,000 while the top-rated level has $40,000. It is slightly higher from a current crossover. With several adjustments, it is likely that first units should be available on markets in late 2019.

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