2019 BMW X7

Time for new arrivals is near and new upcoming models are about to be discovered. New 2019 BMW X7 is one of them, and German car maker is preparing something different. After many years of waiting, new SUV series is ready to be launched. With new design and performance features, predictions are more than positive. While is in production, there will be some data available for us to be informed just for basics. This full-size SUV with many luxury features is a guarantee for special feeling during the ride. It will appropriate for every terrain and weather occasion.

2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7 design

By currently available prototypes, we can say that X generations are about to use the same platform, so this vehicle will do so. New 2019 BMW X7 has a base shell with nice boxy edges and base lights. The LED lamps will come as a replacement for old solutions. The lighter weight is there for special intention – to provide a better influence on performance. Construction is a combination of materials like steel and aluminum. Inner space will also get carbon materials and leather details. Infotainment system will be in use but there with no further data about this detail.

2019 BMW X7 interior

2019 BMW X7 engine

The most important thing about every vehicle is the engine. For the 2019 BMW X7 new electrified powertrains are coming, which will be suitable for this model. We believe that new motor will have a V-8 spec and V-6 options. With new infotainments system is sure to be in full control during the drive. There is still unclear yet on what type of fuel will run this motor, and correct numbers are still waiting for more tests.

2019 BMW X7 front

2019 BMW X7 price

Having a production still on run, we cannot tell specific idea about the price. Production will take place in South Carolina, USA. The vehicle will have promotion in late 2018 and final launching at 2019. Some estimators and critics did a comparison with the current model and say that price will go around $75,000 for base models only. With more specs, the added price will go to the top of $130,000. With this price, the SUV will compete the Audi Q7.

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