2019 BMW X5

The X5 is the first SUV by German carmaker BMW. Back in 1999, it was a revolutionary move. With all-wheel drive, options for automatic and manual shifting, this crossover caused a lot of interest. Ever since this segment is growing. Competition is tough, with especially with new Mercedes-Benz GLE on the way, but this model is still popular. There are many reasons for this. First, it is reliable and safe vehicle for family trips. The durability of all elements and parts makes an owner less concerned because of the maintenance. The elegant interior will offer magnificent comfort and infotainment features. These are just some of the examples why 2019 BMW X5 will continue the heritage of this line.

2019 BMW X5

2019 BMW X5 engine

During the past 20 years, X5 is always innovative. All-wheel drive is part of the brand for its entire history. The second generation in 2006 brought xDrive system. It is present in the third generation of this SUV. The major redesign should happen after 2020, so 2019 BMW X5 will bring refreshment to crossover. That means engine lineup remains the same. There will be two V-6 units and one V-8. One of the V-6 engines will be diesel. Some experts believe that company will offer four-cylinder drivetrain. Finally, there is a hybrid model very possible for the upcoming season.

2019 BMW X5 interior

2019 BMW X5 styling

Few updates on the 2019 BMW X5 will make it fresh. Larger air intakes and new design of the bumper are dominating the exterior look. On the other hand, we will see kidney grille once again. It is a trademark of this model. Now, it will be slightly bigger. Also, headlights are getting a new shape. It is nothing radical, but it makes X5 more appealing. Inside, SUV can compete with any luxurious model in the market. With the latest infotainment, navigation, and safety systems, we need some time to get along with all features. There will be space for all passengers, including comfortable leg- and headroom. Also, the cargo area is big enough to take luggage.

2019 BMW X5 spy shots

2019 BMW X5 price

Since there are no radical changes on 2019 BMW X5, the price could start from a level of the previous model. That means around $57,000. Updates in the cabin can’t make it much more expensive. Nevertheless, V-8 and hybrid versions will go over $60,000, and top of the class edition, probably over $70,000.

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