2019 BMW X3

After a major redesign for the 2018 year model, the 2019 BMW X3 is not going to suffer big changes. At least it seems like from today’s perspective. Its features and styling are at top level. Also, luxurious styling doesn’t need further updates. Nevertheless, this model could get a hybrid version. Also, big changes on the 2018 year model could indicate that we are getting closer to a new generation of the BMW X3. Well, it is not happening before 2020. The third generation will probably wait for another model to come out of production in 2019. Among the things that remain the same are competitors. A compact crossover will face Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC in the battle for more buyers.

2019 BMW X3

2019 BMW X3 Hybrid

Rumors and information are split between talking about future of hybrid X3. For a while, we can hear gossips about the plug-in version. Nevertheless, these are always unlikely and questionable. Now, when all fans expect to see 2019 BMW X3 in a hybrid variant, there is another possibility. An all-electric model could spoil the appearance of plug-in X3 and steal the show. For a hybrid, BMW plans to pair a xDrive30e engine with an electric motor. The more powerful version would be if batteries are mated to a xDrive40e. In that case, the crossover is going to be able to produce around 330 hp.

2019 BMW X3 hybrid

2019 BMW X3 specs

By the time we hear official info about hybrid and electric SUV, the 2019 BMW X3 will get a standard petrol unit. For the base model, it is 2.0-l 4-cylinder engine or xDrive30i. It sends power through the 8-speed transmission to all wheels. The AWD is available with another drivetrain. However, the M40i model can produce more power thanks to a 3.0-l V-6 turbo engine.

2019 BMW X3 interior

2019 BMW X3 release date

With a new model still fresh on the market, German carmaker will have some time to think about further upgrades on its compact crossover. So, chiefs are not going to rush with a launch date of 2019 BMW X3. It is probable that we won’t see its debut in 2018. However, even if that happens, it can be very late. We believe it is more likely to happen in 2019 at some big car show in Europe.

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