2018 Toyota Venza

One of the most interesting vehicles in upcoming Toyota lineup will be its crossover, Venza. This model is quite strange for unique design. Styling changes are numerous for 2018 Toyota Venza. Enhancements all present all over the vehicle. Inside, it is comfortable; outside elegant and durable. Finally new Venza is going to be perfect choice for long trips to country area, where roads are not in perfect shape. Ever since its release, crossover fulfilled expectations of crossover and Toyota fans. So, it is not strange why enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for it.

2018 Toyota Venza front view

2018 Toyota Venza cabin

High quality of parts and excellent styling are highlights of 2018 Toyota Venza. Combination of elegant and spacious interior, and attractive and durable exterior is supreme. Inside, designers used a lot of leather. In combination with wood, there are many interesting details all over the cabin. Furthermore, infotainment system is improved. Satellite radio, Bluetooth and smart-phone connectivity, and audio system are up to date. Touch-screen and buttons on the steering wheel are places where commands are set. Safety is also raised to next level with plenty of new features. Finally storage area is huge and perfect for carrying cargo for long stays.

2018 Toyota Venza rear view

2018 Toyota Venza exterior

Both ends of 2018 Toyota Venza are redesigned. Grille, LED headlights and new bumper are refreshed on front. Visibility is better. Lights are in triangular shape. Grille gives bolder design. Hood and roof are getting new lines and curves. By that, aerodynamic is improved. Parts are mostly aluminum, but some still use steel and other heavy materials. Finally this improves durability of frame and body.

2018 Toyota Venza

2018 Toyota Venza drivetrain

There are two possibilities for 2018 Toyota Venza engine. First one is 2.7-l four-cylinder unit. This drivetrain is capable of producing 180 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. Finally other engine which could be under Venza’s hood is 3.5-l V6 powertrain. This engine can make more power, and experts estimate about 270 horses. Torque must be significantly higher. Furthermore, there is possibility of hybrid version of new crossover. However, this drivetrain is not ready yet, and it is not likely to appear with first appearance. Finally hybrid Venza is more likely to appear few months after base unit.

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