2018 Toyota Sequoia

New generation of Sequoia SUV is not coming before 2020. Until then, we will see some refreshed and revisited models, probably in two years. Some updates will be introduced on the 2018 Toyota Sequoia, to keep crossover attractive and remain on top of its segment. Although this generation of vehicle is reaching full decade, it is still competitive in the market. Other rivals are also preparing their vehicles, which means SUV fans will be thrilled in next few years, watching new models coming from Toyota, Honda, Ford… But, major changes are expected in two years, and when we are talking about Sequoia, we must be satisfied with its update in 2018.

2018 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia changes

Since 2018 Toyota Sequoia hasn’t been announced officially, we must predict what to expect from it. Would it be a refreshment, with minor changes, just to remind the users about upcoming model, or there will be applied some technologies and styling solutions from upcoming generation. It is not impossible if company is taking 2018 Sequoia as some kind of guinea pig for developing better crossovers. Large chrome grille is a highlight of the front, so we are sure that will be carried over to next model, but styling could be refreshed. Interior could take more changes and more testing. New features will be certainly tested, but if these are going to take place in new generation of SUV, it is unknown yet. Navigation, climate control, safety, and many more accessories are being planned for 2018 year.

2018 Toyota Sequoia rear view

2018 Toyota Sequoia engine

The 2018 Toyota Sequoia is a big SUV. That means large engine has to be installed under its hood. Because of that 5.7-l V8 unit is revisited to give power again to the crossover. With slight modifications, unit will be able to produce nearly 400 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Towing is excellent for this type of vehicle. We expect improvement from current 7,600 pounds rating. On the other side, fuel economy is not a detail where Toyota Sequoia should seek buyers’ happiness. With just 15 mpg combined rate, it is major con comparing to rivals. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of time to fix it and improve mpg rate.

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