2018 Suzuki iM-4

Japanese carmaker is trying to elbow their way into SUV market. Suzuki can make it, fans are sure, especially after last car show in Geneva. There all car lovers could see new crossover platform. Soon, it will come as 2018 Suzuki iM-4. Compact all-wheel SUV will be main attraction from Japanese company. There are also first spy shots available, so fans can be sure that iM-4 is coming soon. According to these photos we can conclude: crossover is in final phases of development; and first details of design are available. Nevertheless, complete picture is not going to come until official announce.

2018 Suzuki iM-4

2018 Suzuki iM-4 styling

Most interesting detail on the 2018 Suzuki iM-4 is its C-pillar. It makes wheel arches larger, and also rear overhang shorter. Simple and clear design makes this crossover special. Furthermore, compact design brings better fuel economy. Another boost in this area comes from aluminum and other similar lightweight materials. Wheels are 18-inchers. Excitement is not the same in the cabin. Some rumors say that budget limit is low, and not so many hi-tech features will be installed. However, some luxurious parts are there, but in upper trims. Also, comfort doesn’t suffer because of that. The iM-4 crossover will be safe and pleasant.

2018 Suzuki iM-4 wheels

2018 Suzuki iM-4 engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Suzuki iM-4 will probably be 1.2-l Dual Jet 4-cylinder engine. This compact crossover can make 90 horsepower and 80 pound-feet of torque. This power goes to all wheels, since this is only confirmed drive system at this moment. Also, worth of mention is 6-speed automatic transmission. Highlight of the SUV is its fuel economy. With tiny appearance and modest output, experts believe iM-4 will achieve one of the best MPG rate in the segment. Nevertheless, we still don’t know what does it means in numbers.

2018 Suzuki iM-4 interior

2018 Suzuki iM-4 release date

The 2018 Suzuki iM-4 will probably come early next year. We say probably since bosses in company are still shy with announcements. Development is still ongoing, so they are probably keeping information safe until official release statement. Price is more predictable, and SUV will have $20,000 price tag for its base models.

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