2018 Renault Kadjar

The 2018 Renault Kadjar is new project made in cooperation of two big companies. This vehicle is going to be a threat for both crossover class and some hatchbacks with its versatileness. We can predict what to expect by watching new Nissan Qashqai, but Renault is going to leave its stamp on this crossover. Elegant design, great interior with new dashboard and updated hardware and software, in combination with reliable engine can catch interest from any driver. This family car will also cause attention of its rivals, with some of its innovations.

2018 Renault Kadjar

2018 Renault Kadjar redesign

Highlights of the small crossover were its interior comfort and exterior design. Comparing to Nissan Qashqai, the 2018 Renault Kadjar is going to be bigger. Cabin layout and design offer best view on the road, both for driver and passengers. Driving position is elevated, and sound is quiet in the vehicle, so ride becomes really joyful. Hi-tech features are boosting a comfort, which was already on highest level with leather seats and quality interior. Outside, we can see 19-inch wheels, which could be a minus to this crossover, since ride is a bit bouncy with them. Air-conditioning, DAB radio and cruise control, are just few of many systems installed to provide better quality of a ride with new Kadjer.

2018 Renault Kadjar side view

2018 Renault Kadjar powertrain

Compact crossover is going to use small units, probably with turbocharging. With it, 2018 Renault Kadjar gets enough power and economical consumption. Diesel unit makes it even better. Gasoline unit is 1.2-l engine with output of around 130 hp. Torque is not a highlight of this type of drivetrain, but it is for diesel units. Finally, two engines are prepared there, with 1.5-l powerplant, carried over from current model, as the most popular option. Larger engine is 1.6-l, made for better towing, available only with all-wheel drive system. Finally, all drivetrains are mated to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

2018 Renault Kadjar rear view

2018 Renault Kadjar competition

Upcoming 2018 Renault Kadjar is going to battle same rivals for a share of crossover market. Honda is preparing new CR-V, and we expect new CX-5 model from Mazda and Tiguan from VW. Finally, since this small crossover is very versatile, it could be a threat even for VW Golf and Ford Focus.

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