2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

One of the most interesting details about 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe is its styling. Crossover, with sport vehicles touches, is eye-catching.  Some experts even say its look is odd. Test vehicle is already on the streets, and it could be soon released. However, many details stayed under the heavy camo. Nevertheless, there are leaked details about parts and engine, which could be used for sketching SUV. Competition will be tough, so any innovation is great. Also, luxurious class won’t make happy many potential buyers with their prices.

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe engine

Under the hood of the crossover will be 2.0-l 4-cylinder unit as a base drivetrain. However, 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe offers other option. It is powerful turbodiesel engine for European and Asian markets. Regular, gasoline variant, comes to US also. But, there we will probably see 5.0-l supercharged V8 engine. There are also some other stories which are not likely to happen in 2018 season SUV. Almost certain, is that engines will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This is probably only option for upcoming Sport Coupe. Four-wheel drive system improves off-road capabilities thanks to rear differentials and adjustable air suspension.

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe styling

New 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe is spotted on the street testing. But, of course, it had too many covers, so we can claim that most parts will be present at the time of premiere. However, we are sure that rear end is going to be very interesting. New design brings completely different look. Slanting window makes Sport Coupe SUV more aggressive. We’ve heard that new suspensions are on the way. Revisits on bumper and lower fascia are interesting also. We must mention that crossover is coming with two exhaust pipes and mufflers. Grille is massive, and there are two air inlets.

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe price

Standard Range Rover is valued around $65,000. This well-packed 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe is expected at $78,000, which is significant increase. For example, its main competitors also raised prices. However, new BMW X6 costs $6,000 higher. On the other side is Mercedes, with $17,000 boost for upcoming GLE Coupe.

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