2018 Nissan Xterra

The Nissan family didn’t earn much boost of revenue from the latest attempt launching the new model of Xterra crossovers. The producing was under a big question mark. Investors from this Japanese house are having hopes for a improved model coming as 2018 Nissan Xterra with a different sort of advantages. The changes are minor but sensible, and it won’t take much to encourage new clients to see it themselves.

2018 Nissan Xterra

2018 Nissan Xterra engine

The main power source of the 2018 Nissan Xterra will be 4.0-l DOHC V6 engine. With its 24 valve drivetrain is probably the best choice that experienced driver can have. Engine is improved for 280 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. Powertrain is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, and automatic and drive systems are here with the higher trims. Base model can make about 18 or 19 mpg combined. Top trim could be again PRO-4X. This level uses more fuel, expected around 16 mpg. Some of the new features are also hill control, shock absorbers for many different conditions on a road, or higher seats with internal bearing.

2018 Nissan Xterra side view

2018 Nissan Xterra redesign

Comparing to earlier models of Nissan company there is no such frontier changes. However, there are many different features which, combined in new arrivals, can give us modern and futuristic design. Beneath the surface, we can find the similar F-alpha platform which is also included in earlier models of Xterra. The cabin is changed, and became wider. There is more space and comfort with redesigned platform. One fact is notable for 2018 Nissan Xterra – it has 16-inch alloy wheels. Also, there is a 4-door configuration. Three trim levels innovated. Xterra X is standard solution, S crossover offers more equipment and PRO-4X is topping the class. Of course, final touch in this comfortable vehicle is high Japanese technology, which is very attractive for many buyers.

2018 Nissan Xterra rear view

2018 Nissan Xterra price

The main price for 2018 Nissan Xterra goes around $23,000, but won’t be the last price. With all innovations and updates, it could costs more. However, if buyers want to buy something with modern equipment there are more options with the PRO-4X model. Finally that pleasure costs over 30 grands by unit.

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