2018 Nissan Juke

The 2018 Nissan Juke won’t be out in next few months, since the company hasn’t came out with any official info about it. Premiere could happen somewhere during next year, and while we are getting closer to it, we will have more info about crossover. Nevertheless, styling and performance are going to amaze all fans and previous users, since Juke could come as new-generation vehicle. According to words of high official in the Nissan, this SUV should surpass previous edition in selling numbers, and it is clear object to designers and engineers.

2018 nissan juke

2018 Nissan Juke hybrid

When we talk about upcoming Juke, we can hear far more information about its revolutionary styling, than about its drivetrains and performance. However, there are few stories talking about it. What makes them interesting is these are claiming 2018 Nissan Juke will be hybrid. Pairing petrol unit with electric motor comes to reality with this crossover, since development is in final stages, and soon first testing will start. We still don’t know specifications of each power source, but one thing is sure, a great mpg rate for the SUV. Power is going to be transferred to wheels via 7-speed gearbox. It is likely that 2018 Juke will offer front or all wheel-drive systems.

2018 nissan juke top view

2018 Nissan Juke redesign

Not less impressing will be styling of the 2018 Nissan Juke. If company wants to boost its selling, something new should be implemented in production. It is huge usage of lightweight materials, at first place. It makes new Juke lighter, easier to control, and more economical, while performance doesn’t suffer. On the other side, new look features bold appearance and grille with modified headlights. It was told that new concept could be used for this SUV. But none of the officials went in public with announcements.

2018 nissan juke rear view

2018 Nissan Juke release and price

The 2018 Nissan Juke is coming in next two year. Before production model, we expect premiere of it in one of the largest car shows during 2017. Its base price is expected around $25,000. It couldn’t be called so cheap comparing to its rivals.

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