2018 Mercedes GLC

There are many interesting stories about upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLC. This crossover can make revolution in German factory with its new drivetrain. However, we still need confirmation about hybrid power mill. Styling is not put aside. So, be sure that designers are giving extra effort to present SUV in their best. As always, it is going to be luxurious vehicle with a lot of equipment. Safety will be, without doubt, at top level. No matter the thing they are leaders in the segment, Mercedes is always innovative. Main competition is coming from their compatriots, BMW at first place. Nevertheless, there are many other companies improving their offer for upcoming seasons.

2018 Mercedes GLC

2018 Mercedes GLC engine

Under the hood of the SUV there will be four-cylinder engine. We still don’t know which displacement is engineers’ choice. However, target is 250 hp, which is enough for fun and for towing. Torque level goes up to 300 lb-ft. We believe 2018 Mercedes GLC will pair this unit with 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. From other information suggested by rumors, we believe that sprint to 60 mph will be around 6 seconds. Some high-end models could bring it under 6.

2018 Mercedes GLC rear view

2018 Mercedes GLC hybrid

The greatest news about 2018 Mercedes GLC is possibility of hybrid model. However, it is not just that. This technology evaluated, so new GLC class could be the first fully hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle from Mercedes. This is going to improve mileage and save extra money. Range of the SUV will be around 375 miles without refueling. If this model happens, only California has enough hydrogen-fuel stations. So, that means this part of the US will be target for new GLC project.

2018 Mercedes GLC interior

2018 Mercedes GLC redesign

There is no many words needed to describe what to expect from 2018 Mercedes GLC. German carmaker is known for its luxury features. Its products are also stylish, but durable. Mercedes doesn’t save on quality, so delight is inevitably. Leather all over the cabin and quality colors on the exterior will be highlights. Further, a lot of infotainment systems are going to take position inside the crossover. Outside, we still wait for information about size and types of wheels.

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