2018 Jeep Cherokee

Grand Cherokee could be more popular model, but regular crossover has its own fans. For these buyers who don’t like big SUVs, 2018 Jeep Cherokee could be perfect solution. Nevertheless, company prepared few surprises, which are going to lure more buyers. For example, complete redesign is on the way, and new look of the crossover is unexpecting. Engineers are also working hard on improvements. New vehicle should be more economical and better performer. Big changes bring huge expectations. New Cherokee must fulfill driver needs, but also company’s demands. If it fails to deliver good results from market, then its future could be in doubts.

2018 Jeep Cherokee

2018 Jeep Cherokee redesign

According to early information, designers will work on something special about 2018 Jeep Cherokee. Our sources say that new look of the vehicle will be more car-like. Changes will not change class of the Cherokee. It will still be a SUV with attractive styling. We still don’t know what parts will suffer the most changes in order to make this crossover more aggressive. Except bumpers and headlights, vehicle can get new hood lines, or even roof. This will also boost aerodynamics and fuel economy. Lighter elements in body improves this also, so it is certain that 2018 Cherokee will offer significant improvement on mpg rate.

2018 Jeep Cherokee spy shot

2018 Jeep Cherokee drivetrain

Little brother of the Grand Cherokee also can perform well. Its displacement is smaller, with 2.4-l four-cylinder engine delivering 180 horsepower. Petrol engine can deliver 170 lb-ft of torque. If Cherokee appears in diesel variant, we can see this number over 200 pound-feet. Transmission system is also new. It is 9-speed auto gearbox. This compact crossover can sprint to 60 mph in about 7 seconds. Faster time could come with V-6 engine. Part of the rumors is 3.2-l drivetrain, but company doesn’t confirm either solution.

2018 Jeep Cherokee interior

2018 Jeep Cherokee release date and price

Fans can expect to see a price tag of $24,000 for base models of 2018 Jeep Cherokee when it appears, probably in first months of next year. Nevertheless, company will prepare additional packages and options, making the SUV more expensive. However, experts think that Cherokee won’t go over $30,000. Even if it does, there will be many fans not sparing a dime to get their own model of this exceptional SUV.

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