2018 Jaguar XQ

Luxurious vehicles are certain when we talk about Jaguar production. We expect nothing less from 2018 Jaguar XQ. Balanced vehicle is excellent outside, inside and on the performance end. Lot of features and systems can provide a lot of comfort. Thanks to new platform, crossover is coming lighter due to more usage of the aluminum and carbon fiber. Nevertheless, traditional steel parts are still there. Safety is now at higher level, so new XQ is going to be really pleasurable, family model. It is perfect choice for long distance trips, but it is good pick for urban drive.

2018 Jaguar XQ

2018 Jaguar XQ redesign

Redesign of the 2018 Jaguar XQ includes new parts and body panels, made of different materials. Nevertheless, this SUV positions itself into small crossover segment. It can offer a lot of excitement with its stylish appearance. It is sporty and attractive with refreshed bumper and bolder grille. Headlights also suffer some changes. Taillights and exhaust tips gets refreshment. Inside, we still have to see what this crossover can offer. Existing features in the current vehicle will get updates, while some of them are not certain for upcoming season. Finally, innovations and new technologies are coming every year. So, we are sure that XQ will offer some of them.

2018 Jaguar XQ rear

2018 Jaguar XQ drivetrain

Crossover is going to use 2.0-l turbocharged 4-banger as its main engine. This unit can make around 250 hp and 230 pound-feet of torque. This is not enough for some SUV lovers, so 2018 Jaguar XQ offers another option. For these people looking for more fun, there is 3.0-l V-6 drivetrain. This unit has supercharger and 6-spped transmission sending power to all wheels. It can provide 350 horsepower and torque level up to 300 lb-ft. There could be more options, but thes two are most likely from this point of view.

2018 Jaguar XQ drivetrain

2018 Jaguar XQ price

Estimated price of the 2018 Jaguar XQ is around $45,000. However, supercharged V-6 unit raises the value for probably $10,000. We still wait to see response from competition. At first place there are German producers of crossovers, including GLK from Mercedes-Benz, Q5 from Audi and X3 from BMW.

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