2018 Honda Pilot

One of the most popular crossovers all over the World, from US, over Europe to Asia and Australia is Honda Pilot. It is hard to compete with this SUV since it established itself in top of the segment, and it makes effort of competition even harder when you know that Japanese carmaker is continuously making improvements on it and launching new models. The 2018 Honda Pilot might not get a lot of changes, but wide base of fans will wait for it eagerly, and it has better starting positions than many other crossovers. Nevertheless, 2018 year model is not confirmed yet, but we are convinced that company is making refreshment.

2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot performance

Level of changes on the powertrains is not predictable, since there is no official confirmation of the vehicle. Nevertheless, we are sure that engineers are working on boosting fuel economy and first step on that way is weight loss. This is possible, since Honda is using more and more lightweight materials. Savings on weight are significant so new 2018 Honda Pilot could add few more miles-per-gallon. On the other hand, performance is not suffering. Contrary, new Pilot should be better performer than its predecessor. Ground clearance will be increased for a bit, and that should make tough terrains easier to cross. Changes on the transmission are not likely, so expect the same 6-speed gearbox for entry level models and higher trims are using 9-speed box.

2018 Honda Pilot side view

2018 Honda Pilot redesign

New styling is possible for 2018 Honda Pilot. First, exterior will be revisited. Body shape could be refreshed, but not radically, so 2018 year model of SUV comes with familiar Pilot’s design. On the other hand, this crossover always uses latest technology.  We expect LED light outside the car. In the cabin there is more room for innovations, with newest infotainment system, including audio and navigation systems, and many other features important for safety. Parking sensors are now better than before, and cameras are again installed on the back of the SUV.

2018 Honda Pilot rear view

2018 Honda Pilot price

We still don’t know when it is coming out. We can predict price since there won’t be big changes on 2018 Honda Pilot. Company is not going to raise its value from current level, so all fans can start saving for new crossover.

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