2018 Ford Territory

It seems like Ford Territory will get another chance. Rumors were whispering about possible replacement, but company decided to run another update on long-serving SUV. Vehicle is going to appear as 2018 Ford Territory, and main market is Australia. Highlight of future model is going to be quality design. Also, if Ford wants to impress, model should be lighter than its predecessors. This brings fuel saving, which is another advantage in luring buyers. Nevertheless, new Territory must top many other rivals, since SUV market is growing.

2018 Ford Territory

2018 Ford Territory redesign

New crossover is coming redesigned. Many parts will benefit of this move, as well as entire vehicle. Fans expect 2018 Ford Territory sportier and more aggressive than before. Modernized SUV must make impact if it wants to see future models. With usage of carbon-fiber and aluminum it is realistic possibility. Weight reduction leads to better fuel economy. However, styling won’t suffer because of this. Bigger air vents make Territory bolder. LED lamps improve visibility. Large alloy wheels are being prepared, although size is unknown yet.

2018 Ford Territory rear view

2018 Ford Territory interior

Cabin of the 2018 Ford Territory is stylish and elegant. Safety is upgraded to next level, which should be accepted well from buyers. Drivers that had this crossover earlier will be surprised with new features. There is now ventilation system, and climate control is better than ever. Center of the dashboard is occupied with large LCD screen. Navigation is going to be optional.

2018 Ford Territory engine

Drivetrain of the 2018 Ford Territory is still in development. There is no information what could take position under the hood of SUV. We suspect on 2.7-l V6. This engine delivers 350 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque with turbocharger and some other boosting features. Bigger engine can supply Territory with power. With it, crossover can make over 400 horses. Transmission system is in final development phases, and it is 8-speed automatic. Estimated fuel economy, combined, is 25 mpg.

2018 Ford Territory release date

Arrival of the SUV could happen during 2018, according to information about development progress. Base models will be available for about $50,000. However, higher end trims of 2018 Ford Territory can cost $10,000 more.

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