2018 BMW X4

The X4 model is relatively new vehicle positioned between X3 and X5 crossovers. Well, it is more hatchback than a SUV, and with its hybrid potential, it can raise sales records and become popular as its relatives. It will take best of both types of engines and use it to improve performance. Same platform is used for this vehicle as for X3, so some similar features are going to be used. Nevertheless, M package and trim level will boost appearance and specs of the X4 even more.

2018 BMW X4 side view

2018 BMW X4 engine

The 2018 BMW X4 is going to get power from 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. With inline design, it is good for 280 horses and 200 lb-ft of torque. This is not surprise for experts, since many fans expected significant upgrade. But, placed between X3 and X5, this vehicle can only position itself in the middle with power. But, advantage is that X4 can use positive things from both models. One of them is 8-speed automated and programmed gearbox that sends power to rear wheels. Also, all-wheel drive system is possible with higher trims. Joined fuel economy of 20 mpg in city and 28 mpg on the highway is good for 23 mpg. Nevertheless, improvements here are possible since there is a lot of time before the launch of the 2018 X4.

2018 BMW X4 styling

LED lights will be used for both ends of the vehicle. Other changes are including grille and trade mark of the company – round headlights. Side of the car is streamlined with an inclined rooftop. Inside the 2018 BMW X4, we have numerous new features. From dual-air conditioning, to USB and smart-phone connections, everything is made for joy. Bluetooth is standard, while navigation could be additionally purchased. Steering wheel is covered with leather, iDrive control is standard, while many cameras improves safety. There are also remote-controlled assistant, path takeoff cautioning and stopping sensors. New audio system with 16 speakers, touch-screen displays and satellite radio are superb.

2018 BMW X4 rear view

2018 BMW X4 price

Starting valuation of the 2018 BMW X4 is around $50,000 while top class models, including M versions, are significantly higher. Release date is not set yet, since vehicle is still in developing phase.

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