2018 BMW X3

First generation of the X3 crossover was introduced in 2003 and ever since, this vehicle is one of the most successful compact SUV with bunch of luxurious features. Recently company announced that 1 million of copies have been sold during the period. What is more important, that they are working on new, 2018 BMW X3. No significant changes are to be applied on the SUV. Appearance is familiar, luxurious features in the cabin are expected and durable and reliable engine is going to supply new X3 with power. Nevertheless, upcoming SUV is not so boring, since minor touches will refresh it and cause interest and discussion among fans.

2018 BMW X3

2018 BMW X3 engines

There is no doubt that German carmaker is going to supply us with quality powertrains that can perform well in all terrains. There are many engines in the mix, We need to wait for official confirmation which of following will find their place in roster of 2018 BMW X3 crossover. This SUV could be refreshed with new unit, and it is 2.0-l diesel xDrive 20d. This powerplant is ready to deliver 190 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. There could be another diesel variant, but xDrive 18d with larger displacement. These engines are very economical, with fuel consumption of around 40 mpg. More likely is that 2018 BMW X3 gets xDrive 30d or 35d engines, with power output from 260 to 310 hp. There are also gasoline engines in the mix, with xDrive 28i and xDrive 35i which exist in current vehicles.

2018 bmw x3 side view

2018 BMW X3 styling

Exterior of the 2018 BMW X3 is boosted with brand new 3D headlights. There are many other innovations included with LED lights which are new to entire car industry. Fog lamps, mirror and turn signals are also revisited. Finally, on some spy shots which could represent new 2018 X3 we could see 18- and 19-inch wheels and metal parts around bumper. We assume that SUV will be offered in six base colors. Access to the storage area has never been simpler. Interior will suffer minimal changes, mostly updates and some details. Elegance and luxury will be boosted with latest trends. While some packages could even raise this on higher level.

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