2018 BMW X2

Rumors about new BMW small crossover started in 2012 when the first information about it appeared. Now, gossips are present again and according to them we can expect tiniest SUV from X-Series during next year. The 2018 BMW X2 will be luxury crossover, more efficient than other models and probably packed with long features list. Price is unknown at this moment, but we guess new X2 will be valued near its main rivals such as Land Rover Evoque.

2018 BMW X2 front view

2018 X2 redesign

This crossover could be one of the rare vehicles of this type to be offered with 2-door configuration. However, since it is smaller than other SUVs, it is going to be more suitable for city ride and easier for parking. Various equipment is expected inside the cabin to boost comfort, as well as high-tech infotainment system. Outside, we can notice some similarities with larger siblings of 2018 BMW X2. It is aggressive and bold, with modern shapes on the hood and wheels.

2018 BMW X2 side view

2018 BMW X2 platform

New BMW X2 will be built on the new UKL FWD architecture. It was presented recently, and one of the highlights is two-door styling. We have to wait to see how it is going to be accepted from buyers. Same platform is used for new X1, which should have similar design.

2018 X2 engines

The 2018 BMW X2 will be propelled from 1.5-l 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol drivetrain. Other possibility is diesel with same displacement. Other possibility is larger 2.0-l turbocharged engine, which could use all-wheel drive. Bigger powertrain could be offered for higher trims. If these units are going to be installed in the 2018 X2, crossover will be very efficient. Exact numbers are unknown yet, but it could be even improved with hybrid version.

2018 BMW X2 rear view

2018 BMW X2 release date

The 2018 BMW X2 has been spotted on the streets, so we could see this crossover during 2016 or maybe in 2017. Exact release date is not announced, so we need to wait to hear further information.

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