2018 Audi RS Q3

Since its release, this is going to be the first time that Audi Q3 gets major change. It is brand new model RS. Sportier look and some modifications on the front end are highlights. Main reason behind arrival of this vehicle is growing competition. We can say that crossovers are more popular than ever. Constant innovations are at must for all companies, especially the biggest. That’s why German carmaker made the move and presents 2018 Audi RS Q3. Furthermore, this vehicle is going to debut in major market of North America. Confident move means only one thing – good vehicle is coming.

2018 Audi RS Q3

2018 Audi RS Q3 engine

Special edition requires special powertrains. Or at least, unique. We already know that 2018 Audi RS Q3 will get the power from 2.5-l drivetrain. Compact SUV can develop 350 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque from TFSI unit. Furthermore, we know that sporty crossover will reach 60 mph in just 5 seconds, while mileage is still unknown. Transmission used as router of power is 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox. From engine, through this system, energy goes to front wheels. For better traction and stability, Audi offers all-wheel drive. Also, drivers can select one out of three modes of driving – dynamic, comfort or auto.

2018 Audi RS Q3 engine

2018 Audi RS Q3 redesign

Regular compact crossover is attractive by itself. Nevertheless, new 2018 Audi RS Q3 will bring something new on the market. Not only the name, but also styling and other stuff. Since it belongs to Q3 segment, this RS model will carry most of its parts. However, sporty crossover will be now sportier, because of touches on front fascia. Also, side panels and rear end suffers slight modifications. Cabin is pretty much the same, with few hi-tech features being there on RS vehicle. Leather covers seats, and there are new systems and equipment. Many assist features boost safety system, while navigation could be in standard offer.

2018 Audi RS Q3 front

2018 Audi RS Q3 price

New 2018 Audi RS Q3 will appear in Europe first, and then in other parts of the world. Its price will be around 60,000 euro. Buyers in North America will have to wait few months for this crossover. More powerful engine and luxurious equipment are explanation of big price difference between standard and RS model.

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