2018 Audi Q9

At this moment, the largest Audi crossover is Q8. But, it seems like successor is coming soon. New big SUV will be 2018 Audi Q9. Crossover will borrow the look from smaller sibling, and we still don’t know what will be installed under its hood. Big time performance is expected from upcoming vehicle, which still has a year or so for final development. It is very important for German carmaker to produce excellent example, since they are going to face tough competition in this growing segment. Other thing is speed, since new technologies are arriving, and BMW and Mercedes won’t wait with launching of their crossovers in same class.

2018 audi Q9 front view

2018 Audi Q9 platform

New 2018 Audi Q9 is being developed on the same concept that Q7 used. Smaller crossover had a great success and company designers decided to go with proved platform for new model. This could mean that some parts and details could be familiar, and new Q9 will look more like Q7, than bigger Q8. This is just a theory since German manufacturer is still managing to keep SUV away from eyes on fans. We believe that construction will follow latest trends from same automaker, which means aggressive appearance through sharper look and bold design language. Inside, we must expect a lot from luxurious crossover. We believe that Q9 is going to be one of the most equipped and the most comfortable vehicles in the class.

2018 audi Q9

2018 Audi Q9 engine and competition

From 2018 Audi Q9 is expected to be leader, in style, but also in performance. Powertrains of the crossover are unknown yet, but something big is going to supply SUV with power. Audi is developing new transmission, which is likely to take position in new Q9. It should be tiptronic gearbox. It gives best performance if it is using Quattro all-wheel drive system. Improvements are expected from other companies which have products in same class. Not only German compatriots BMW and Mercedes are developing new X7 and GL crossover, but there are some new names, like Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus, and also some improved nameplates Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade. One by one, these big, luxurious crossovers will be presented at the end of 2017 and in 2018.

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