Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser

    After discontinuation in 2016, Toyota FJ Cruiser could return pretty soon. This off-road crossover with classic look will get a modernization. Also, new powertrains will help it develop more power and torque. We are going to see the mid-size SUV as 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser. For better performance, the vehicle is getting special suspension and […]

  • 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

    The first spy shots of the 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe came out. We know this model is coming, and now it is obvious this will happen very soon. Nevertheless, there are not many spy photos. Also, the heavy cover is hiding most of the vehicle. But, we could expect only minor changes on this crossover. The […]

  • 2019 Ford Expedition

    Full-size crossover class is not for everyone. Many companies tried to lure more buyers with different approaches and constant innovations. But, only a few models manage to survive. One of them is 2019 Ford Expedition. Present for over two decades, this SUV is a synonym for good looking, aggressive, and comfortable vehicle. During next season, […]

  • 2019 Mercedes GLA

    The 2019 Mercedes GLA will start a new generation of this crossover. It is going to be very interesting a new vehicle. According to spy shots, a lot of changes are on the way. Heavy camouflage is covering almost entire SUV. Nevertheless, true fans are recognizing new shapes and curves. The next generation is coming […]

  • 2019 Dodge Journey

    The new line of Dodge SUVs is creating special series for voyages and long distance trips. This new model 2019 Dodge Journey is special by its design, interior, and performance. The current model is showing nice results and even so, designers are not stopping from updating latest technology. There are always words about improving capacity […]

  • 2019 BMW X4

    According to latest data, new BMW products are about to breakthrough. With strong features, redesigned appearance and hard performance this model was worth of waiting. The resemblance is minor compared to its predecessor but new 2019 BMW X4 has bright future. The closest line up is very familiar with the higher class of BMW SUVs, […]

  • 2019 Subaru Forester

    The new crossover suffers complete redesign and is similar to its predecessor, which base model comes from 2014. New line up for 2019 Subaru Forester will be nice shape from outside but completely from inside. Spy shots are confirming all news and we are very excited to show some verify details from terrain itself. Subaru […]

  • 2019 Land Rover Defender

    Brand new 2019 Land Rover Defender is going to suffer big cuts. The redesign is bringing a restyled vehicle, with luring look. Iconic crossover expects a modernization and a debut in 2019. Many changes are almost ready, so hopes of some fans are still very high on the 2018 year model. Nevertheless, at this moment, […]

  • 2019 Porsche Macan

    The 2019 Porsche Macan is going to be a luxurious crossover that you will either like or hate. If you want premium features, comfortable interior, and stylish appearance, then it is hard to complete with Macan. On the other hand, driving impression is not the highlight of the SUV, as on its predecessors. However, Porsche […]

  • 2019 Infiniti QX30

    As all Infiniti vehicles, their crossover segment is stylish, elegant, and luxurious. Nevertheless, SUVs don’t lack any power. Also, frequent updates are keeping models of this company at the top. So it is with 2019 Infiniti QX30. The compact SUV is stylish and comfortable. Its interior suffered some changes for the current version, but new […]