2017 VW Polo SUV

Volkswagen is one of the few key players on the global market, when it is about car industry. To keep that state, German giant constantly brings some novelties. One of the most interesting segments in car industry these days is subcompact crossover. VW it this segment have a special variant of company’s legendary subcompact Polo, caller CrossPolo. However, there are big plans for the future. According to the rumors, company plans to introduce an all-new crossover, which will be designed to compete with models such as Nissan Juke, Mini Countryman, Honda HR-V etc. New model is expected to come next year, as 2017 VW Polo SUV.

2017 VW Polo SUV design

2017 VW Polo SUV

The 2017 VW Polo SUV will come as new model. It will come with plenty of same characteristics as next-generation Polo hatchback, which is expected also to come next year. It is still unknown which platform will new model use. There are two possibilities, new versatile MQB or PQ25 which is used for current Polo hatchback. In any case, we expect many similarities with standard Polo. Both in terms of styling and technical aspect. The 2017 VW Polo SUV is expected to come with completely new styling. However, we still don’t know how exactly new crossover will look like. It is pretty much for sure that new crossover will borrow many design solutions from new T-Roc Concept, which was presented in Geneva. Beside this, expect many design solutions borrowed from next-generation Polo, which is expected to come somewhere in the same time as 2017 Polo SUV.

2017 VW Polo front view

2017 VW Polo SUV engine

The 2017 VW Polo SUV is expected to come in various variants when it is about engines, just it is case with every Volkswagen model. We expect to see several petrol and diesel units in offer. The base model will be probably powered with 1.4 liter petrol unit. We expect to see at least one more gasoline-powered engine in offer. When it is about diesels, expect to see several TDI variants in offer, both with three and four cylinders. Transmission will be either 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

2017 VW Polo SUV release date

The 2017 VW Polo SUV is expected to come somewhere next year, but exact date is still unknown. Main competitors will be models like Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V, Mini Countryman etc.

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