2017 Toyota Sequoia

The Sequoia is the largest SUV produced by Toyota. This model was originally launched in 2000 and it was the first full-size SUV produced by this company offered in United States. It was designed directly to compete with models like Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Tahoe. Nowadays, competition is much stronger and there also models like Nissan Armada etc. Second generation of this great SUV came in 2008. Once again, it was based on Tundra pickup, sharing platform etc. The second-generation model is still under production and although it received several modifications, it could be considered as outdated, especially if we consider that most of the competitors as much younger. Third generation was planned to come this year, but company didn’t released any details about new model. We also don’t know when new Tundra is going to be released. All of this indicates that it is more likely that new model will come as 2017 Toyota Sequoia.

2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign

2017 Toyota Sequoia

Just like previous model, 2017 Toyota Sequoia is expected to come based on the Tundra pickup, which is also expect to come in near future. Although details about new model are still unknown, we can make some predictions. New model is expected to come with new platform. We expect that company will apply all of achieved technologies, so there will be a massive use of lightweight materials, which will make a huge impact on the SUVs overall performances. When it is about look, 2017 Toyota Sequoia is expected to come with completely new appearance. Although it will keep its conventional SUVish design, we will see plenty of novelties, especially at the front and rear end, where new design language will be applied. Same thing is expected with interior. The 2017 Sequoia will get new cabin, with modern and stylish design. Beside new look, expect to see plenty of advanced technologies in terms of drive-assist, safety and entertainment features.

2017 Toyota Sequoia engine

Details about engines for 2017 Sequoia are still unknown. Current model uses two large V8 units. The first one is 4.7, while the other one has a displacement of 5.7 liter. For now, destiny of these engines is still unknown. It is highly expect that 2017 Toyota Sequoia will come with some more efficient V6, while one of these two V8s could remain as an option.

2017 Toyota Sequoia rear view

2017 Toyota Sequoia release date

Well, it is hard to speculate about release date because company didn’t release any usable information yet. It was firstly expected that next generation will come as 2016 year model, but now it looks more likely that it will come as 2017 Toyota Sequoia, so it should come somewhere next year.

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