2017 Toyota Prado

The Prado is products of the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. It is one of the models from Land Cruiser range, and it belongs to smaller ones, when it is about price. This model was originally launched in 1984 and during these more than three decades, we saw four generations of it. Current model is present from 2009, and it will be produced for some more time, before we see a fifth-generation model. While company’s engineers already work on next-generation model, there are also some novelties that will be presented on current model. The 2017 Toyota Prado is expected to come with some of those novelties.

2017 Toyota Prado specs

2017 Toyota Prado

The 2017 Toyota Prado is expected to come with several changes, compared to current model. This mid-size SUV, which rides on the J150 platform, will come with several updates. While 2016 year model will come with big mechanical changes, 2017 Prado will be more about visual details. We are expecting to see some visual tweaks, but major changes won’t be seen until complete redesign, which is expected in few year. Most of the characteristic will be the same as for the refreshed model that came two years ago. This update included new front fascia, new LED lighting, suspension improvements and also more of standard equipments.

The 2017 Toyota Prato is expected to feature only some smaller tweaks and most of the changes will be about new standard features. Some improvements when it is about technologies are also expected. So don’t be surprised if you see things like updated infotainment system etc.

2017 Toyota Prado interior

2017 Toyota Prado engine

As we already mentioned, 2016 year model is coming with big novelties under the hood and 2017 Toyota Prado will continue in the same way. New diesel engine will be installed. Instead of an old 3.0 liter V6, we will see a new 2.8 liter turbodiesel engine. It will have an output of 175 horses. Current petrol engine will suffer some modifications. It will be tuned up for some 8 horses more and total output will be slightly less than 280 horses.

2017 Toyota Prado release date

The 2017 Toyota Prado will come next year, somewhere in the second half. When it is about pricing, we expect no changes.

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