2017 Toyota Kluger

Toyota had some problems with naming its famous crossover Highlander in Australia and Japan, so company officials decided to name it Kluger for these two markets. German word used for this vehicle means clever or wise. So, we are getting a model very similar to the Highlander as 2017 Toyota Kluger, but countries where this crossover is going to be launched will get slight modifications. Highlights of sport utility vehicle are superb fuel economy and elegance. Buyers will be satisfied with all the features included in the crossover.

2017 Toyota Kluger front view

2017 Toyota Kluger concept

This SUV is using the same platform as current Camry, and 2017 Toyota Kluger belongs to medium crossover class. Existing concept won’t be in use for too long, and this SUV could postpone its replacement. Nevertheless, it is still modern and useful, especially when we see features list of it. Infotainment system can be controlled from LCD display located in the center console. USB ports are also installed, with keyless entry system. Comfort is also at high level, including leather seats and enough room for head and legs. Storage area is also big, although there are 7 seats installed in the cabin. Climate control and air-conditioning are superb.

2017 Toyota Kluger interior

2017 Toyota Kluger exterior

Not only interior, but also exterior styling of the 2017 Toyota Kluger will be great. Perfect design, with modern and elegant lines, but also with some aggressive details will lure attention of all SUV fans. LED technology is used for lights on the both end and dual exhaust system improves overall impression about 2017 Kluger. Grille and bumper are remodeled, and roof lines are more aerodynamic.

2017 Toyota Kluger engine

Power source of the 2017 Toyota Kluger is 2.7-l 4-cylinder engine. This unit should be capable to deliver 220 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. Engineers are preparing other options, which are less likely to be installed in new Kluger. One of the favorites is 3.5-l V6 with significantly higher output. The V6 unit can crunch over 270 horses and torque level would be around 300 pound-feet. Transmission will be 6-speed auto, and it sends power to all wheels. Hybrid variation of Kluger SUV is also possible. Estimated fuel rating is around 20 mpg in city and 25 mpg on the open road, making it 23 mpg combined.

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