2017 Suzuki iM-4

Suzuki is ready to storm in many car markets in upcoming years. This carmaker was popular in few segments. These are primary targets for reincarnation of the factory that produces one of the best vehicles in the world. With 2017 Suzuki iM-4, company is going to step into MPV market once again. However, this time they have to show something. New model is good performer. Also, it is very compact. Thanks to new platform, iM-4 could reach top of the class very soon. Vehicle is attractive from the outside. Inside, latest technology is packed all over the cabin. Under the hood, we have classic petrol unit combined with electric motors. In one word, new 2017 iM-4 has all that driver of such car wants.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 front view

2017 Suzuki iM-4 hybrid

We’ve heard that drivetrain of 2017 Suzuki iM-4 is almost ready. It is 1.2-l direct-turbo 4-culinder unit. This one is capable to deliver 90 horsepower. Additional power comes from electric batteries. These small batteries are supporting petrol unit, by sending more horses to total output. Except lithium-ion motor, there is also starter generator on the new iM-4. Furthermore, braking system is improved. Transmission system will be unveiled soon. However, we know that MPV comes with automatic gearbox. Front-wheel drive system is standard. Handling, braking and cornering will be at top level.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 interior

2017 Suzuki iM-4 redesign

Few sketches leaked from Japanese company, telling us how 2017 Suzuki iM-4 could look like. However, these are not final versions, but we could see similar vehicle on the streets. The MPV will be very attractive. It has unique styling, which is there to attract younger population. Designers in Suzuki decided to go with boxy look. It makes this vehicle very elegant. Back of the car is more like crossovers’. However, wheels are smaller. Some parts are similar to what we can see on other Suzuki products. Nevertheless, there are many new stuff included, so we can say iM-4 is unique.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 side view

2017 Suzuki iM-4 release date and price

When it comes, 2017 Suzuki iM-4 won’t be more expensive than $20,000. Some higher trims could go over this limit, but base model will stay under. Whatsoever, we will know better when it arrives. According to announcements, this is happening early in 2017.

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