2017 Subaru Exiga

Biggest crossover of the entire Subaru segment is Exiga. This vehicle is now 10 years old, and for upcoming SUV we will see some changes. Name of the vehicle is using two words which describe it pretty well, exciting and active. Nevermind if you drive it off or on the road, attributes are the same. Styling is exceptional, with some modern innovations, and only con is that we won’t see this vehicle worldwide. Actually, only fans in Australia and Singapore will be able to get it in their countries, and about all other states, there is a fame about it. However, if 2017 Subaru Exiga doesn’t appear under this name, there will be similar crossover from Japanese carmaker.

2017 Subaru Exiga front view

2017 Subaru Exiga redesign

When Exiga crossover appeared for the first time in 2007, its look was somehow revolutionary. Panoramic glass roof was really attractive, and it is going to be kept for upcoming model. The 2017 Subaru Exiga also gets the same theater-style seating, where travelers on the rear seats are positioned higher. It doesn’t take effect on comfort, since there is enough room in the cabin. Pearl white and blue leather seats give a real pleasure to all passengers. Rear seats could be folded and there are tray tables on them. New 2017 Exiga is coming in two trims, as previous models, and there are some information about 7-seater vehicles in some countries.

2017 Subaru Exiga interior

2017 Subaru Exiga engine

The 2017 Subaru Exiga is a big SUV with excellent performance, and it is coming from 2.5-l four-cylinder engine, which takes petrol as its fuel. Diesel variant is not announced and it wasn’t offered before with Exiga. Gasoline unit is ready to produce over 250 hp and about 200 lb-ft of torque. Finally fuel economy is reduced comparing to its predecessors, and these are big news for all fans. Excellent performance is being shown in acceleration to 60 mph, and 2017 Exiga needs just over 7 seconds to reach it.

2017 Subaru Exiga rear view

2017 Subaru Exiga price

Arrival of the 2017 Subaru Exiga could be delayed for a while, and in worst case, crossover could come as 2018 year vehicle. But, we believe that engineers are going to finish the work in time and launch it for around $22,000. The GT models and possible hybrid are valued more than $25,000.

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