2017 SsangYong Rexton

Latest car show in Paris presented 2017 SsangYong Rexton. This crossover is using brand new LIV-2 concept. Nevertheless, what we saw in France is not going to be final product. Most of the parts will be on the vehicle, which is coming out very soon. However, we still don’t have exact date of release. Korean factory will surprise its fans ad there won’t be too much time between announcement and appearance in salons. New model will continue current generation of SUV. Since its arrival in 2001, Rexton had two versions, and this is third generation of crossover.

2017 SsangYong Rexton

2017 SsangYong Rexton engine

The 2017 SsangYong Rexton is coming with 2.0-l turbo-charged 4-cylinder gasoline drivetrain. Some countries will get special editions of engines. For example, UK buyers are getting Rexton with 2.2-l I-4 unit and higher output. There are two different gearbox solutions for crossover. Power router will be either 7-speed, or new, innovative 8-speed gearbox. Both transmissions are automatic. Output goes from 160 to 185 hp, according to rumors. Since SUV went on diet, lighter vehicle is going to be more economical. Current rating is 38 mpg, or 40 with manual transmission. All improvements, including 8-speed gearbox, can put some numbers on the mileage end.

2017 SsangYong Rexton side

2017 SsangYong Rexton platform

New concept brings a lot of new stuff for 2017 SsangYong Rexton. A LIV-2 platform made sharper exterior. Refresh also offers lighter frame and body panels. We must highlight its front end, where bumper, grille and light are modern. Facelift also changes lines and edges of the Rexton SUV. Wheels and wheel-arches are aggressive, boosting overall appearance. From what we saw in Paris, we must admit interior left special impression. Infotainment system, comfort and safety are at highest level. Touch-screen display holds most commands. Also, some could be made from steering wheel. Upholstery and control panel use a lot of leather and wood for elegant cabin.

2017 SsangYong Rexton rear

2017 SsangYong Rexton price

Pricing of the 2017 SsangYong Rexton depends on region of release. British buyers get bigger engine, so price there will be higher. Their fee for crossover is around £25,000. Buyers in other parts of the world can purchase their crossover with 2.0-l engine from $26,000. Of course, there are additional trims with more options and extra cost.

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