2017 Opel Antara

Reliability and superb styling of the Opel vehicles could be brought to US once again with new compact SUV. In cooperation with General Motors, 2017 Opel Antara should be model interesting on both continents, North American and European. With many updates, both in styling and technical, new Antara is going to lure different profiles of people. Fuel economy is its another advantage, and with low price, German carmaker could shake things up in this class.

2017 opel antara

2017 Opel Antara platform

General Motor’s concept used for Chevy Captiva should be shared with new 2017 Opel Antara. This Theta platform has been shown as very successful, so part of the cooperation will be borrowing of this concept. That means Opel SUV could get unique and new grille, completely different from these used in the past. Sleek look will be boosted with new headlights, made in LED technology. Taillights are also revisited, while 19-inch alloy wheels complete aggressive design. Other exterior features worth of mentioning are new damper with chromed bezels and stronger suspension springs.

2017 opel antara interior

2017 Opel Antara interior

Luxurious features are being prepared for the 2017 Opel Antara. However, few will be used, so it won’t raise the price of compact crossover significantly. Its functionality is superb, so entire equipment has some purpose. Comfort is improved with leather seats, while cabin’s look gets new styling. Stitches, details and big things will make you enjoy while riding in 2017 Antara. Also, cargo area is enlarged, so SUV can take more luggage. Features list is long, from touch-screen display, navigation, climate control and air-conditioning, to safety systems with air-bags and parking sensors.

2017 opel antara side view

2017 Opel Antara powertrain

Last model of the Antara took power from 2.0-l Ecotec engine. This unit will be carried over as base option. However, it is available as gasoline and petrol drivetrain, and depending on that, we will have different outputs. All options are mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to front wheels, while AWD remains optional. Reduction of emission and improvement of fuel economy are two things to be brought by 2017 Opel Antara. Also, its price of $20,000 is very attractive.

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