2017 Jaguar XQ

Jaguar is growing in crossover class and this vehicle is popular with every new model. Big expectations are on new 2017 Jaguar XQ which could be launched in few months. New platform will be used, C-X17, which was presented in 2013 at car show in Frankfurt, Germany. After few years, we can see a vehicle running on this concept. Although it uses more aluminum, we don’t expect big savings on weight, but on fuel economy yes. Other highlights are spacious interior, hi-tech equipment as a part of infotainment system and stylish exterior.

2017 Jaguar XQ front view

2017 Jaguar XQ redesign

New concept brings light materials, such as aluminum and carbon-fiber, but vehicle won’t lose on its performance because of these changes. The 2017 Jaguar XQ belongs to mid-size crossover segment, and if this luxurious brand wants to impress buyers, something special must be offered to them. New grille and bumper are making this crossover more attractive, and new wheels could turn attention to it. New lines and edges on hood and roof bring better aerodynamic, and make XQ elegant as never before. Inside a lot of hi-tech equipment is installed, since competition in luxurious SUV class is tough, and every detail counts. Not only gadgets, but also tiny details could decide which vehicle is making better selling, so designers won’t let anything go by chance.

2017 Jaguar XQ interior

2017 Jaguar XQ engine

Not only styling, but also engineering must be on highest level for luxury crossovers. That’s why 2017 Jaguar XQ must bring something new to its customers, to keep excitement level at top bar. For 240 hp and 250 lb-ft or torque, there is turbocharged 2.0-l 4-cylinder engine. More power could come from bigger brother, 3.0-l V6, which could replace turbo, with supercharger. Difference is shown in power, since V6 can make 350 hp and 320 pound-feet of torque. Drivetrain is connected to 9-speed automatic gearbox and power is distributed to all wheels. Estimated acceleration to 60 mph is 5 seconds, and max speed should be about 155 mph.

2017 Jaguar XQ rear view

2017 Jaguar XQ price

With new concept and many changes, we are sure 2017 Jaguar XQ will introduce new pricing list. For 4-cylinder engine starting price could be around $45,000, and V6 cost few thousand of dollars more.

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