2017 BMW X4

The 2017 BMW X4 is a mid-size crossover made by German carmaker, and this vehicle belongs somewhere between crossovers and coupes. It is taking best of both segments. Bigger than X3, which has sportier appearance, and smaller then X5, which is one of the most famous BMW vehicles, X4 is set to satisfy buyers which can’t decide between two mentioned models. For 2017, SUV comes revisited, and do not be surprised if it looks like M line of BMW, since same platform was used for their development.

2017 BMW X4 front view

2017 BMW X4 redesign

Outside the vehicle, this SUV keeps it familiar look. Expect same lines as before, with attractive front end. There will be again aggressive front intakes, grille and double round headlights in LED technology, which is company’s trademark. Top is coupe-like, which makes 2017 BMW X4 more interesting to younger buyers. Also, rear end gets LED lamps and new bumpers, so car has more change on the back. Inside we expect upgrades on existing equipment. By the 2017 and the moment when X4 is about to be released, many new technologies will be developed, but since German carmaker keeps pace with innovations, these will surely be part of the 2017 X4 cabin features. Although SUV has coupe lines outside, inside is spacious and comfortable for five passengers.

2017 BMW X4 side view

2017 BMW X4 drivetrain

Engine range of the 2017 BMW X4 wasn’t announced yet. There are some information and rumors, but official statement is missing. The SUV can use current drivetrain, which could be part of the base offer. However, since there is cooperation within company, we can get engine that is used by M vehicles. This part of BMW goes slightly before X4 and we know that M2 sedan will use six-cylinder turbo unit with output of around 280 hp. However, don’t expect crossover with high output since 2017 X4 is upgraded version of X3.

2017 BMW X4 rear view

2017 BMW X4 release date and price

This crossover is planned to be released not before 2017, probably early in the year. Base price of the SUV will be around $50,000, but expect few trim levels significantly more expensive than starting value. For example, there are rumors about tuned M40i version of 2017 BMW X4, which should top the class.

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