2017 BMW X3 M40i

New, third-generation of BMW crossover X3 is being on its way. For new SUV a lot of innovations are planned. All fans will be thrilled to hear that vehicle is coming out is plug-in hybrid variant, as 2017 BMW X3 M40i. This is performance tuned model, with specific engine and design same as base model. However, equipment used inside the crossover is unknown and we guess that hybrid is a part of high-end trim range prepared for 2017 X3 lineup.

2017 BMW X3 M40i front view

2017 BMW X3 M40i engine

The 2017 BMW X3 M40i is hybrid version of X3 crossover that is about to arrive late in 2016 or even in 2017. However, M40i model will use electric motor mated to petrol engine. For high performances, BMW must pair it to strong gasoline unit, and according to existing stories, it could be 3.0-l six-cylinder drivetrain. Same powerplant is placed under the hoods of the 7-series vehicles, as well as M version of regular 2017 X3. Same rumors are predicting output of more than 350 hp. Also, engine from current M3 and M4 sedans could find their place in X3 lineup. These twin-turbo six-cylinder units in combination with electric batteries can make up to 420 hp. Upcoming X4 could also use same engine and company announced development of the same M40i, performance-tuned model.

2017 BMW X3 M40i rear view

2017 BMW X3 M40i styling

Entire X3 lineup for 2017 year will have same exterior appearance, including M and 2017 BMW X3 M40i models. However, this hybrid is a part of higher trim level, so expect it to be loaded with plenty of hi-tech features and equipment. Satellite navigation, large display and many other stuff will be installed. There won’t be lack of comfort. Since M40i gets specially designed seats. Air-conditioning and climate control is top level. Safety gets latest systems, including air-bag curtains, parking sensors and other features that help driver. Price is unknown yet, and experts can’t predict it yet.

2017 BMW X3 M40i interior

2017 BMW X3 M40i release date

Launching could happen relatively soon, since X3 vehicle was spotted on the streets. Some rumors says that M model could arrive before base vehicle, but info about 2017 BMW X3 M40i is missing. We expect it after standard model is out.

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