2017 BMW X2

When it is about crossovers, the fastest growing segment in car industry, we are constantly seeing something new. Every bigger manufacturer tries to offer something more that competition. When it is about BMW, as one of the leaders in car industry, we used to see this company always to set new standards. This time, Bavarian car maker takes a big shot. We will see an all-new model called X2, which will come in near future. According to the latest reports, new model is expected to come in next few months in a concept form, while production model is expected to come next year as 2017 BMW X2.

2017 BMW X2 redesign

2017 BMW X2 front view

The 2017 BMW X2 is coming as a completely new model, so it is hard to predict some more precise details. However, we pretty much known what to expect from this model. Since it has an even number in its name, it is easy to conclude that it will follow the styling of the larger X6 and X5 models. The 2017 X2 will ride on the same platform that is used for X1 and also share most of the technical characteristics with this entry-level model. On the other side, in visual terms, new model will come in the same style as X6 and X4, but just in smaller package. The front end will feature company’s recognizable design language, while at the back we will see a coupe-like silhouette, with a tailgate set at a more extreme angle. When it is about interior, exact details are still unknown. It is expected that the most of the styling and features will be shared with X1 model, but more information about 2017 BMW X2 will definitely be known when test models come out on the streets.

2017 BMW X2 sketch

2017 BMW X2 engine

It is expected that 2017 BMW X2 will be powered with the same engines as X1 model. There are several units in offer, both petrol- and diesel-powered, with a power in a range from 107 to 300 horses. When it is about transmission, there will be 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic and new 8-speed automatic in offer. The performance M variant is expected to come in next few years too.

2017 BMW X2 release date

As we already mentioned, we expect to see 2017 BMW X2 somewhere in 2016. First testing models are expected in next few weeks. Price is still unknown.

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