2016 Skoda Snowman

Although this Czech company is more than 120 years old, we can say that most successful era started about two decades ago, when VW Group bought it. Since then, this manufacturer becomes even more successful every year. Although it is most known for models like Octavia, Fabia or Superb, this Czech manufacturer constantly expands its lineup of vehicles. In 2009, company introduced its first SUV, called Yeti. This compact SUV became very successful, and that was the main impulsion for the company to start development of new, bigger SUV. Although this new model is now in an advanced stage of development, its name is still unknown. However, it is expected that new model will be called 2016 Skoda Snowman, according to rumors.

2016 Skoda Snowman details

Company still keeps most of the information as secret. However, some of details are already known. For example, it is expect that 2016 Skoda Snowman will be based on the Volkswagen’s new, extremely versatile MQB platform, which is used for various models such as Touran, Golf, Passat, Octavia, Superb and plenty of others. It will belong to the class of mid-size SUVs. According to the latest reports, it will be for about 16 inches longer than compact Yeti. This means that 2016 Snowman will probably feature third row of seats, at least as optional feature. New model will borrow many of design solutions of VW’s models and also from smaller Yeti. When it is about exterior look, it will follow company’s new design language that we saw on models like new Octavia. It will have many design cues like Yeti, but it will come in larger pack. When it is about interior, exact details are still unknown, but expect the see elegant cabin in company’s familiar styling, which will be complemented with many hi-tech features, borrowed from VW models such as Touareg.

2016 Skoda Snowman fornt view

2016 Skoda Snowman engines

The 2016 Skoda Snowman will be available in several options, when it is about engines. When it is about gasoline units, there will be several TSI variants in offer. We expect to see 1.4 liter engine with 150 horses in base model. Bigger and more powerful 2.0 liter TSI will probably be offered in two variants, with 180 and 220 horsepower. When it is about diesel units, 2016 Snowman will use company’s well-known and proven 2.0 liter TDI engine, with 150 horses. It is also rumored that hybrid version will come in next few years but for now, it is just a speculation.

2016 Skoda Snowman rear view

2016 Skoda Snowman release date

It is expected that 2016 Skoda Snowman will be presented this September at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which is considered as the world’s largest motor show. Details about price are still unknown.

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