2016 Scion xB

We are all familiar with Scion brand, which is a special division of Toyota Motor Company. This brand is focused on younger drivers, making cars that are designed to meet the demands of youngsters. One of its most popular models is called xB. It is a compact hatchback, which originally came in 2003 and along with xA, it is the oldest model of the brand. Original model was produced since 2008, when second-generation model came, which is still in production. However, production of this model will end soon. According to the latest reports, 2016 Scion xB will be the last year model of this hatchback.

2016 Scion xB specs

2016 Scion xB

According to the rumors, 2016 Scion xB will be last year model of this hatch. After that, it won’t be produced anymore. There are two main reasons for that. Sales aren’t so good as they were in some past years. However, the more important reason is that company is launching an all-new model with similar characteristics, so it is unreal to see both models in offer. When it is about 2016 Scion xB, it is expected to come without bigger modifications. It should come with the pretty much same characteristics as 2015 year model. Basically, most of the characteristics as same as on the model that came refreshed in 2013, when this hatch received several updates both inside and outside, and both in visual and technical terms.

The interior of 2016 xB will remain pretty much unchanged and only thing that we can expect are some new standard features. For example, 2014 year model came with 6.1-inch display touch screen as standard feature, while on 2015 year model backup camera is standard. We can presume that new Scion xB will also come with come new standard feature.

2016 Scion xB interior

2016 Scion xB engine

The 2016 Scion xB will come with the same engine. It is a 2.4 liter inline-four, borrowed from previous Camry, which comes paired with either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. Total output of this engine is 158 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. For some other markets, there are also two other petrol engines in offer. Those are 1.5 and 1.8 liter units, both inline-four.

2016 Scion xB rear view

2016 Scion xB end of production

It is expected that the 2016 Scion xB will be the last one. Company already prepares a new hatchback as replacements, which will be called Scion iM.

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