2016 Opel Insignia SUV

These days, crossovers and SUV are by far the fastest-growing segment in car industry, so it isn’t wonder that every company wants to enlarge its offer as much as possible. One those manufacturers is Opel. German car maker already has some vehicles of this type in offer, but this time we will see something new. Mostly inspired by Subaru’s model Outback, several other manufacturers designed similar vehicles. One of these will be a 2016 Opel Insignia SUV, which will be based on the company’s popular sedan. New model will be available by the end of year.

2016 Opel Insignia SUV design

2016 Opel Insignia SUV front view

The 2016 Opel Insignia SUV will come as new model. It will be heavily based on standard sedan model, but it will also have several unique characteristics. It will feature station wagon body style, and it will come with much higher ground clearance, which will practically make it a crossover. When it is about visual appearance, 2016 Insignia SUV will follow the design solutions of current sedan. It will feature the same front fascia that came refreshed last year. New model will also come with several unique visual details. There will be several new details that are more because of practical than aesthetic reason. Some of them are SUV-like bumpers, with plastic edges for better protection in off-road drive. It also comes with 18-inches alloy wheels, which make fine impression on car’s overall look. When it is about interior, expect the same cabin as in standard sedan model. Beside same styling, expect to see 2016 Insignia SUV with plenty of safety and drive assist features.

2016 Opel Insignia SUV rear view

2016 Opel Insignia SUV engine

When it is about engines, 2016 Opel Insignia SUV is expected to be offered in various options. There will be several petrol and diesel units in offer just it is case with sedan version. When it is about petrol units, we expect three engines in offer – 1.6 liter with 170 hp, 1.8 liter with 138 and 2.0 liter turbo engine with around 250 horsepower. Several diesel variants are also expected. There are 1.6 and 2.0 liter engines, which will be available in a range from 118 to 192 horsepower. All engines will be available with 6-speed automatic or manual transmission.

2016 Opel Insignia SUV

2016 Opel Insignia SUV release date

The 2016 Opel Insignia SUV will be available by the end of a year.

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