2016 Lexus TX

Lexus is considered as one of the key players, when it is about luxury cars. The latest news is that we will see one more, all-new model, which will expand company’s lineup. It will be a new mid-size crossover, but it won’t replace current TX RX model. The RX will continue with production and new TX will come to fill up some lacks that RX has, compared to competition. Although these two models will be similar types of vehicles, new TX will come with different platform and several other unique features. We expect to see this model by the end of year, as 2016 Lexus TX.

2016 Lexus TX details

2016 Lexus  TX

The 2016 Lexus TX will come as an all-new model. Compared to RX, the main difference will probably be third row of seats. According to the company’s spokesman, company is losing around 35.000 units sold every year, because of this RX’s lack. To solve this problem, 2016 Lexus TX will ride on the different platform. It will be either Highlander’s or platform that is used for IS and GS sedans. In any case, new platform will provide longer wheelbase, which will potentiate bigger dimensions, which basically means possibility for third row of seats. Beside longer wheelbase, 2016 TX will be also slightly longer, taller and wider, compared to RX. When it is about exterior and interior, exact details are still unknown. However, it is expected that it will get excellent outside look, adapted to company’s new design language. We also expect to see stylish, spacious cabin, full of hi-tech features.

2016 Lexus  TX

2016 Lexus TX under the hood

The 2016 Lexus TX will come with, at least, two options, when it is about engines. Although it isn’t officially confirmed, it is pretty much for sure that the base engine will be company’s well-known 3.5 liter -VTEC SOHC V6 engine, which has max output of 290 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. It will be paired with 8-speed automatic transmission. It is also expected that we will see some turbo-four unit in offer. Hybrid model is expected too but, for now, we don’t have that kind of information.

2016 Lexus TX rear view

2016 Lexus TX release date and price

The exact date of launch and price are still unknown. Still, it is for sure that 2016 Lexus TX will come by the end of year. Some predictions are that base model will go around 60.000 dollars.

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